346 Titles as of 22 June 2024

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Titles with laserdisc versions are so indicated - email me if you need details. Titles that do NOT show DVD availability, are only available on VHS. Titles that can be viewed by streaming at Amazon(US), LoveFilm(UK) or Netflix(US, CA, UK, IR) are so indicated, but not all titles available from all services or countries.


Rewi's Last Stand aka: The Last Stand - NTSC VHS/DVD-R


Seekers, The aka: Land of Fury - NTSC/PAL VHS/DVD/Streaming


Off The Edge - NTSC/PAL VHS/DVD/Streaming

Sleeping Dogs - NTSC/PAL VHS/Laserdisc/DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Solo - NTSC/PAL VHS/DVD/Streaming


Angel Mine - PAL VHS/DVD/Streaming

Skin Deep - PAL VHS


Middle Age Spread - PAL VHS/DVD/Streaming

Sons For The Return Home - PAL VHS/DVD/Streaming


Beyond Reasonable Doubt - NTSC/PAL VHS/DVD/Streaming

Goodbye Pork Pie - NTSC/PAL VHS/DVD/Streaming

Lincoln County Incident - NTSC VHS

Nutcase - NTSC VHS


Pictures - PAL VHS/DVD/Streaming

Race for the Yankee Zephyr aka: Treasure of the Yankee Zephyr aka: Ein Teufelskerl - NTSC/PAL VHS/DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Smash Palace - NTSC/PAL VHS/Laserdisc/DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming


Bad Blood - NTSC/PAL VHS/DVD/Streaming

Battletruck - aka: Warlords of the 21st Century - NTSC/PAL VHS/Laserdisc/DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Carry Me Back - NTSC/PAL VHS/DVD/Streaming

Scarecrow, The - NTSC/PAL VHS/DVD/Streaming


Dead Kids - aka: Strange Behavior - NTSC/PAL VHS/Laserdisc/DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Savage Islands aka: Nate and Hayes - NTSC/PAL VHS/Laserdisc/DVD/Streaming

Strata - PAL VHS

Trespasses - PAL VHS

Utu - NTSC/PAL VHS/DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming


Came A Hot Friday - NTSC/PAL VHS/DVD/Streaming

Constance - PAL VHS/DVD

Death Warmed Up - NTSC/PAL VHS/Laserdisc/DVD/Blu-ray/Steaming

Heart of the Stag - NTSC/PAL VHS/Laserdisc/DVD


Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence - NTSC/PAL VHS/Laserdisc/DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Mesmerized aka: Shocked - NTSC VHS/Laserdisc/DVD/Streaming

Other Halves - PAL VHS

Second Time Lucky - NTSC/PAL VHS/DVD

Silent One, The - NTSC/PAL VHS/DVD/Streaming

Trial Run - PAL VHS/DVD

Vigil - NTSC/PAL VHS/DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Wild Horses - NTSC/PAL VHS/DVD/Streaming


Kingpin - PAL VHS/Streaming

Leave All Fair - PAL VHS/Streaming

Lost Tribe, The - NTSC/PAL VHS/DVD/Streaming

Mr Wrong aka: Dark of the Night - NTSC/PAL VHS/DVD/Streaming

Quiet Earth, The - NTSC/PAL VHS/Laserdisc/DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Restless aka: Hot Target - NTSC VHS/Laserdisc/DVD

Shaker Run - NTSC/PAL VHS/Laserdisc/DVD/Streaming

Should I Be Good - PAL VHS/Streaming



Arriving Tuesday - PAL VHS

Bridge to Nowhere - NTSC/PAL VHS/Streaming

Dangerous Orphans - NTSC/PAL VHS/DVD

Footrot Flats - NTSC/PAL VHS/DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Mark II - PAL VHS/Streaming

Pallet On The Floor - PAL VHS/DVD/Streaming

Queen City Rocker aka: Tearaway - NTSC/PAL VHS/DVD/Streaming


Among The Cinders - NTSC/PAL VHS/Streaming

Bad Taste - NTSC/PAL VHS/Laserdisc/DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Leading Edge, The - PAL VHS/DVD/Streaming

Ngati - PAL VHS/DVD/Streaming

Starlight Hotel - NTSC/PAL VHS/Laserdisc/DVD


Chill Factor aka: Lost Samurai - NTSC VHS/DVD

Grasscutter, The - PAL VHS/DVD

Illustrious Energy - PAL VHS/DVD/Streaming

Mauri - PAL VHS/DVD/Streaming

Navigator, The - NTSC/PAL VHS/DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Never Say Die - NTSC/PAL VHS/DVD/Streaming

Send A Gorilla - PAL VHS/DVD


Zilch - PAL VHS/DVD/Streaming


An Angel At My Table - NTSC/PAL VHS/Laserdisc/DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Flying Fox in a Freedom Tree - PAL VHS/DVD/Streaming

Meet the Feebles - NTSC/PAL VHS/Laserdisc/DVD

Returning, The - PAL VHS/DVD/Streaming

Ruby and Rata - PAL VHS/DVD/Streaming

Shrimp on the Barbie, The - NTSC/PAL VHS/Laserdisc/DVD/Streaming

User Friendly - PAL VHS/DVD


Chunuk Bair - PAL VHS/DVD/streaming

End Of The Golden Weather, The - NTSC/PAL VHS/DVD/Streaming

Grampire - aka: Moonrise - aka: My Grandpa Is A Vampire - NTSC/PAL VHS/Blu-ray/Streaming

Old Scores - PAL VHS/DVD

Soldier's Tale, A - PAL/NTSC VHS/Laserdisc/DVD/Streaming

Te Rua - PAL VHS/DVD/Streaming

Undercover - PAL VHS/Streaming


Alex - NTSC/PAL VHS/DVD/Streaming

Braindead - aka: Dead Alive - NTSC/PAL VHS/Laserdisc/DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Crush - NTSC/PAL VHS/DVD/Streaming

Footstep Man, The - PAL VHS/DVD

Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior, The aka: The Rainbow Warrior - NTSC/PAL VHS/Laserdisc/DVD


Absent Without Leave - NTSC/PAL VHS

Bread and Roses - PAL VHS/DVD/Streaming

Desperate Remedies - NTSC/PAL VHS/DVD/Streaming

Jack Be Nimble - NTSC/PAL VHS/Laserdisc/DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Piano, The - NTSC/PAL VHS/Laserdisc/DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming/4k

Secrets aka: One Crazy Night - NTSC/PAL VHS/Laserdisc


Heavenly Creatures - NTSC/PAL VHS/Laserdisc/DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Hercules and the Lost Kingdom - NTSC/PAL VHS/DVD

Last Tattoo, The - NTSC VHS/DVD/Streaming

Once Were Warriors - NTSC/PAL VHS/Laserdisc/DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming


Bonjour Timothy - PAL VHS/DVD

Cinema of Unease - NTSC/PAL VHS/DVD/Streaming

Forgotten Silver - NTSC/PAL VHS/DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Jack Brown, Genius - PAL/NTSC VHS/DVD

Loaded - NTSC/PAL VHS/Laserdisc/DVD/Streaming


Broken English - NTSC/PAL VHS/DVD

Chicken - PAL VHS/DVD

Flight of the Albatross - PAL VHS/DVD/Streaming

Frighteners, The - NTSC/PAL VHS/Laserdisc/DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming/4k

Hercules and the Amazon Women - NTSC/PAL VHS/DVD

Hercules and the Circle of Fire - NTSC/PAL VHS/DVD

Hercules in the Maze of the Minotaur - PAL/NTSC VHS/DVD

Hercules in the Underworld - NTSC/PAL VHS/DVD

Whole of the Moon, The - NTSC/PAL VHS/DVD


Memory & Desire - PAL VHS/DVD/Streaming

Saving Grace - PAL VHS/DVD

Topless Women Talk About Their Lives - NTSC/PAL VHS/DVD/Streaming

Ugly, The - NTSC/PAL VHS/Laserdisc/DVD



I'll Make You Happy - NTSC/PAL VHS/DVD/Streaming

Lost Valley - PAL/NTSC VHS/DVD

Via Satellite - PAL VHS/DVD

When Love Comes - NTSC/PAL VHS/DVD


Channelling Baby - PAL VHS

Lunatics' Ball, The - PAL VHS

Magik & Rose - PAL VHS/DVD

Scarfies aka: Crime 101 - NTSC/PAL VHS/DVD/Streaming

What Becomes of the Broken Hearted - PAL VHS/DVD/Streaming

Wild Blue - PAL VHS/DVD


Exposure - NTSC/PAL VHS/DVD/Streaming

Hopeless - PAL VHS/Streaming

Irrefutable Truth About Demons, The - NTSC/PAL VHS/DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Jubilee - PAL VHS/DVD/Streaming

Price of Milk, The - NTSC/PAL VHS/DVD/Streaming

Savage Honeymoon - PAL VHS/DVD


Crooked Earth - PAL VHS/DVD/Streaming

Kids World - NTSC/PAL DVD

Kombi Nation - PAL/NTSC DVD/Streaming

Lord Of The Rings, The - Fellowship Of The Ring - NTSC/PAL VHS/DVD/Blu-ray/3D Blu-ray/Streaming/4K

No One Can Hear You - NTSC/PAL VHS/DVD/Streaming


Rain- NTSC/PAL DVD/Streaming

Snakeskin - NTSC/PAL DVD/Streaming

Stickmen - NTSC/PAL DVD/Streaming

Waiting Place, The - PAL DVD

When Strangers Appear - NTSC VHS/DVD/Streaming


Cupid's Prey - PAL DVD

Lord Of The Rings, The - The Two Towers - NTSC/PAL VHS/DVD/Blu-ray/3D Blu-ray/Streaming/4K

Tongan Ninja - NTSC/PAL VHS/DVD

Toy Love - PAL DVD

Vector File, The - NTSC/PAL VHS/DVD

Whale Rider - NTSC/PAL VHS/DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming



Christmas - PAL DVD/Streaming

For Good - PAL VHS/DVD/Streaming

Locals, The - PAL/NTSC DVD/Streaming

Lord Of The Rings, The - Return of the King - NTSC/PAL VHS/DVD/Blu-ray/3D Blu-ray/Streaming/4K

Nemesis Game - NTSC/PAL VHS/DVD/Streaming

Orphans and Angels - NTSC/PAL VHS/DVD/Streaming

Perfect Strangers - NTSC/PAL VHS/DVD/Streaming

Terror Peak - NTSC/PAL DVD

This Is Not A Love Story - PAL VHS/DVD

Woodenhead - NTSC/PAL DVD/Streaming


Fracture - PAL VHS/DVD/Streaming

Gupta vs Gordon - PAL DVD

Her Majesty - NTSC/PAL DVD/Streaming

In My Father's Den - PAL/NTSC VHS/DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Land Has Eyes, The - PAL/NTSC DVD

Spooked - PAL DVD/Streaming

Treasure Island Kids - The Battle of Treasure Island aka: The Pirates of Treasure Island - PAL/NTSC DVD

Treasure Island Kids - The Monster of Treasure Island - PAL/NTSC DVD

Treasure Island Kids - The Mystery of Treasure Island - PAL/NTSC DVD


50 Ways of Saying Fabulous - NTSC/PAL DVD/Streaming

Boogeyman - NTSC/PAL DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Futile Attraction - PAL DVD/Streaming

Hidden - PAL DVD/Streaming

King Kong - NTSC/PAL DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming/4K

Luella Miller - NTSC/PAL DVD/Streaming

Memories of Tomorrow - NTSC/PAL DVD/Streaming

River Queen - PAL/NTSC DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Tyrannical Love - PAL DVD

World's Fastest Indian, The - NTSC/PAL DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming


Event 16 - NTSC/PAL DVD/Streaming

No. 2 aka: Naming Number Two - PAL/NTSC DVD/Streaming

Offensive Behaviour - PAL DVD

Out of the Blue - PAL/NTSC DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Perfect Creature - NTSC/PAL DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Quiet Night In - PAL DVD

Sione's Wedding aka: Samoan Wedding - PAL/NTSC DVD/Streaming

Waimate Conspiracy, The - PAL DVD/Streaming


Black Sheep - PAL/NTSC DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Devil Dared Me To, The - PAL/NTSC DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Down By The Riverside - PAL DVD

Eagle vs Shark - NTSC/PAL DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Ferryman, The - NTSC/PAL DVD/Streaming

Five - PAL DVD/Streaming

Last Magic Show, The - PAL DVD

Men Shouldn't Sing - PAL DVD/Streaming

Tattooist, The - PAL/NTSC DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

We're Here To Help - PAL DVD/Streaming

When Night Falls - NTSC/PAL DVD/Streaming


Apron Strings - PAL DVD

Dean Spanley - NTSC/PAL DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Jinx Sister - PAL DVD/Streaming

Map Reader, The -- PAL DVD/Streaming

Rain of the Children - PAL DVD/Streaming

Second-Hand Wedding - PAL DVD/Streaming

Show of Hands - PAL DVD/Streaming

Song of Good, A - PAL DVD/Streaming

Taking the Waewae Express - PAL DVD/Streaming


Diagnosis: Death - NTSC/PAL DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

District 9 - NTSC/PAL DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming/4K

I'm Not Harry Jenson - PAL DVD/Streaming

Lovely Bones, The - NTSC/PAL DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

No Petrol, No Diesel - PAL DVD/Streaming

Separation City - PAL DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Strength of Water, The - PAL DVD/Streaming

Under the Mountain - PAL/NTSC DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Vintner's Luck, The - PAL/NTSC DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming


After the Waterfall - PAL DVD/Streaming

Boy - NTSC/PAL DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Desert - PAL DVD/Streaming

Home by Christmas - PAL DVD/Streaming

Hopes & Dreams of Gazza Snell, The - PAL DVD/Streaming

Hugh and Heke - PAL DVD

Insatiable Moon, The - PAL DVD/Streaming

Matariki - PAL DVD/Streaming

Predicament - PAL DVD/Streaming

Russian Snark - NTSC DVD

Warrior's Way, The - PAL/NTSC DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Wound - PAL/NTSC DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming


Curry Munchers aka: Vindaloo Empire - PAL DVD/Streaming

Devil's Rock, The - NTSC/PAL DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Good For Nothing - NTSC/PAL DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Holy Roller, The - PAL/NTSC DVD/Streaming

Hook, Line & Sinker - PAL DVD/Streaming

Love Birds - PAL/NTSC DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

My Wedding and Other Secrets - PAL DVD/Streaming

Netherwood - NTSC DVD

Orator, The - PAL DVD/Streaming

Rest for the Wicked - PAL DVD

Tracker - NTSC/PAL DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming


Fall Guys, The - PAL DVD/Streaming

Fresh Meat - NTSC/PAL DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Hobbit, The: An Unexpected Journey - NTSC/PAL DVD/Blu-ray/3D Blu-ray/Streaming/4K

How to meet girls from a Distance - PAL DVD/Streaming

Kiwi Flyer aka: Derby Dogs - PAL/NTSC DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Most Fun You Can Have Dying, The - PAL DVD/Streaming

Red House, The - PAL DVD/Streaming

Sione's 2: Unfinished Business - PAL DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Two Little Boys - PAL DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming


Beyond the Edge - NTSC/PAL DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Edwin: My Life as a Koont - NTSC DVD

Eternity -- PAL DVD/Streaming

Fantail - PAL DVD/Streaming

Ghost Bride - PAL/NTSC DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Hobbit, The: The Desolation of Smaug - NTSC/PAL DVD/Blu-ray/3D Blu-ray/Streaming/4K

Mr. Pip - PAL DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Mt. Zion - PAL DVD/Streaming

Romeo and Juliet: A Love Song - PAL DVD/Streaming

Shopping - PAL DVD/Streaming

Utu Redux - PAL DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Weight of Elephants, The - PAL DVD/Streaming

White Lies - PAL DVD/Streaming


3 Mile Limit - aka: 1480 Radio Pirates - NTSC/PAL DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Broken Hallelujah - PAL DVD/Streaming

Cure, The - aka: Virus Outbreak - PAL DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Dark Horse, The - NTSC/PAL DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Dead Lands, The - NTSC/PAL DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Hobbit, The: The Battle of the Five Armies - NTSC/PAL DVD/Blu-ray/3D Blu-ray/Streaming/4K

Housebound - NTSC/PAL DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

I Survived a Zombie Holocaust - NTSC/PAL DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Last Saint, The - PAL DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Orphans and Kingdoms - Streaming

Pa Boys, The - PAL DVD/Streaming

Sunday - NTSC/PAL DVD/Streaming

What we do in the Shadows - NTSC/PAL DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming


25 April - PAL DVD/Streaming

Born to Dance - PAL DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Dead Room, The - NTSC DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Deathgasm - NTSC/PAL DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Slow West - NTSC/PAL DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Turbo Kid - NTSC/PAL DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming


Catch, The - PAL DVD/Streaming

Chronesthesia - PAL DVD/Streaming

Great Maiden's Blush, The - PAL DVD/Streaming

Hunt for the Wilderpeople - PAL/NTSC DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Mahana aka: The Patriarch - PAL DVD/Streaming

Poi E, The Story of our Song - PAL DVD/Streaming

Rehearsal, The - PAL DVD/Streaming

Three Wise Cousins - PAL DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

This Giant Paper Mache Boulder Is Actually Really Heavy - PAL/NTSC DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming


6 Days - NTSC/PAL DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Beyond the Known World - NTSC DVD/Streaming

Changeover, The - PAL DVD/Streaming

Gary of the Pacific - PAL DVD/Streaming

Human Traces - NTSC DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Kiwi Christmas - PAL DVD/Streaming

One Thousand Ropes - PAL DVD/Streaming

Pork Pie - PAL DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Waru - PAL DVD/Streaming

West of Eden - Streaming


Alien Addiction - PAL/NTSC DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Breaker Upperers, The - PAL DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Blue Moon - PAL DVD/Streaming

Broken - PAL DVD/Streaming

Hibiscus & Ruthless - PAL DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Mega Time Squad - PAL DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Mortal Engines - PAL/NTSC DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming/4K

Portrait of a Knight - Streaming

Stray - PAL DVD/Streaming

Vermilion - PAL DVD/Streaming


Bellbird - PAL DVD/Streaming

Births, Deaths & Marriages - PAL DVD/Streaming

Brown Boys - PAL DVD/Streaming

Come to Daddy - NTSC/PAL DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Daffodils aka: A Song of Love - PAL DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Guns Akimbo - NTSC/PAL DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Hang Time - NTSC DVD/Streaming

Jojo Rabbit - PAL/NTSC DVD/Blu-ray/4K/Streaming

Killer Sofa - PAL/NTSC DVD/Blu-Ray/Streaming

Mosley - PAL DVD/Streaming

Savage - PAL DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Take Home Pay - PAL DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Vai - NTSC/PAL DVD/Streaming


Baby Done - PAL/NTSC DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Dead - Streaming

Legend of Baron To'a, The - PAL/NTSC DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Lowdown Dirty Criminals - NTSC/PAL DVD/Streaming

Older - PAL DVD/Streaming

Reunion - PAL/NTSC DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming

Rurangi - PAL DVD/Streaming

Shadow in the Cloud - PAL DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming/4K

This Town - PAL DVD/Streaming