The Last Magic Show

Last Magic Show, The - 2007

The Best Fancy Magic Show Ever Ltd. - 90 min.

DVD UPC/EAN # 9421016370924

Cast: Andy Conlan, Jade Collins, Michael Hurst, Matthew Sunderland, Lucy Wigmore, Alexander Anderson, Timothy Raby.
Screenplay: Andy Conlan; Director of Photography: Duncan Cole; Original Music: Luke Fitzgerald; Editing and Production Design: Ahab Blin; Costume Design: Georgie Hill; Producer: Alex Lee; Director: Andy Conlan

An emotionally traumatized stage magician has "escaped" into a fantasy world where he has real magical powers, but his career has taken him to performing at childrens' birthday parties. However, if he can find another stage assistant, his sleezy manager will give him another stage opportunity. Mostly he needs to find his way out of his mental state and that path is guided by some unexpected people he meets. This first feature by Andy Conlan is a valiant effort, given the low budget. The original soundtrack is excellent and the camera work is better than expected. Worth a viewing.

Censor Rating: M - Review rating: C+

The Last Magic Show
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It is presented 1.75:1 (16:9) with 2.0 dolby digital. There are no subtitles. Extras include: an optional director's commentary track; "Construction of a Scene - 3:49 min.; 10 deleted scenes for a total of about 10 minutes and the theatrical trailer - 2 min. The box slick says it is Pal R4, but mine was R0. It can be purchased from various New Zealand or Australian sources, selling for about $20au or $25nz.

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2007 - Dances With Films: Honorable Mention to Andy Conlan
2007 - New Zealand Screen Awards: Best technical contribution for a digital feature to Duncan Cole.

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