Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior DVD

Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior, The aka: The Rainbow Warrior - 1992

Ten Four & Bonny Dure Productions - 93 min.

DVD UPC/EAN # 9316797416872(AU/NZ); 738329232733(US)

Cast: Sam Neill, Jon Voight, Bruno Lawrence, Kerry Fox, Tony Berry, Martyn Sanderson, Lucy Lawless.
Crew: Writers: Marin Copeland, Scott Busby; Photography: Warwick Attewell; Original Music: Paul Buckmaster, Steve Tyrell; Producer: Sam Strangis; Director: Michael Tuchner.

Peter Wilcox (Voight), as skipper of the 'Rainbow Warrior', a Greenpeace ship, docks in Auckland, July 1985, preparing for a protest against French nuclear testing in the south pacific. When a bomb rips open the vessel, killing a crew member, he must convince the police superintendent (Neill) that this is an act of terrorism. Determined not to allow outside forces to threaten their harbor, the police embark on a pursuit of the persons responsible. The events that follow nearly bring down an allied nation's government.

Censor Rating: PG - Review Rating: C+

The Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior
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As of July 2009, New R4 PAL DVD copies are difficult to locate as this one is now OOP. You might try ebay for used copies but expect to pay at least $20us. Used NTSC VHS copies can occationally be found for under $10us. It is presented in its original 1.33:1 format with DD 2.0 stereo Spoken English audio. There are no extras.
Starting 23 April, 2019, a NTSC Region 1 DVD is available from North American resellers for about $15us. As with the previous PAL R4 DVD, it is a 1.33:1 format with DD 2.0 English audio. With the exception of four unrelated trailers, there are no extras.

Aro Video of Wellington - Recommended Reseller

Alice in Videoland of Christchurch has rental copies available for New Zealand addresses

DealOZ North American price comparison site

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