Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue - 2006

Southern Light & Desert Road Films - 101 min.

DVD UPC/EAN # 9315842033026; 796019810814; 5055002553707; 4042564030082; 5055002531163
Blu-ray UPC/EAN # 7340066930051(SE)

Cast: Karl Urban, Matthew Sunderland, Lois Lawn, Simon Ferry, Tandi Wright,
Paul Glover, William Kircher, Georgina Fabish, Fayth Rasmussen.
Screenplay: Graeme Tetley, Robert Sarkies - based upon a book by Bill O'Brien; Director of Photography:
Greig Fraser; Composer: Victoria Kelly; Editing: Annie Collins; Costume Design: Lesley Burkes-Harding;
Production Design: Phil Ivey; Producers: Tim White, Steven O'Meagher; Director: Robert Sarkies.

On 13 November 1990, in the small seaside town of Aramoana, local man David Gray took a high-powered automatic weapon and shot dead 13 people. As emergency services scrambled to reach the town, a handful of under-armed local policemen risked their lives trying to find the gunman. Terrified and confused residents were trapped in their homes for 24 hours, not knowing where David Gray was, or if they would become his next victim. I truly felt uneasy watching this. The expression of pain and fear is felt throughout, by a great acting ensemble. Recommended, but not for children.

Censor Rating: R15 - Review rating: B+

Out of the Blue
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The feature is presented 1.78 anamorphic widescreen, enhanced for 16:9. The sound is 5.1 dolby digital surround. There are optional English and Spanish subtitles on the R1 DVD.
Special Features: Optional audio commentary from director Robert Sarkies and author Bill O'Brien; cast and crew interviews - Robert Sarkies, Karl Urban, Paul Glover, Simon Ferry, Tandi Wright - 20 minutes total; Audition interviews - 3 minutes; Original television news footage - 9 minutes; photo still gallery slide show w/background music - 6 minutes; theatrical trailer - 2+ minutes; and three featurettes: 'The Tragedy' - 6:33 minutes, 'Honouring Aramoana' - 9:46 minutes and 'The Making of Out of the Blue' - 12:30 minutes.
An R4 PAL DVD can be purchased from New Zealand sources for about $20nz. The R2 version is selling for 10#. The R1 ntsc version is available from U.S. sources, selling for about $15us.

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There is an ALL Regions 1080P Blu-ray available from Sweden and other scandinavian sources. It is presented 1.85:1 anamorphic with spoken English DTS-HD Master 5.1 and DD 5.1 soundtrack options. It has subtitles in Swedish, Danish, Finnish and Norwegian. Extras include the same featurettes that are on the DVD, but 'Honouring Aramoana' has been added to 'The Tragedy', instead of being listed separately (16:40). 'The Making of Out of the Blue' has been included (12:43) . The theatrical trailer is also on the Blu-ray disc. All these extras are in spoken English and do not include any subtitles. It does not contain the audio commentary track present on the DVD. As of August 2017, this blu-ray would seem to be OOP. It last sold for 20eur.


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2008 Qantas Film and Televison Craft Awards - Best Picture (budget over $1million); Best Actor (Matthew Sunderland); Best Supporting Actor (Karl Urban); Best Screenplay (Graeme Tetley & Robert Sarkies), Best Cinematography (Greig Fraser); Best Editing (Annie Collins).

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