Gradually, various New Zealand film related items will be featured here, that have no easy catagory for any other section of this website. Notice of new additions will be indicated within the NEWS section.

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring 20th Anniversary First Day Covers

One Stamp to Rule Them All - 2016 Minitaure Sheet

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies - Stamp First Day Covers

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug - Stamp First Day Covers

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Stamp First Day Covers

FDC and card stamps commemorating Peter Jackson's King Kong

FDC Stamps, commemorating the Centenary of New Zealand Cinema

Special re-issues of LOTR miniature sheets FDCs as a fundraiser for KIWIPEX 2006

FDC Stamps, commemorating The Fellowship of the Ring Movie

FDC Stamps, commemorating The Return of the King Movie

FDC Stamps, commemorating The Two Towers Movie

Lord of the Rings Related Exhibition FDC Stamps

FDC Stamps, commemorating Lord of the Rings - New Zealand Home of Middle Earth

What is a New Zealand Feature Film?

Country of NZ Videos Visitors w/links to Film Commissions

Links to all 50 U.S. State Film Commission Websites



Suffice to say that, except its organisation, little within this website originated from me. Some text commentary is mine, and gradually I will be changing the title summaries to ones that will be completely mine. Currently some of them are borrowed, with permission, from the IPL Books publication: CELLULOID DREAMS - A Century of film in New Zealand.

Many of the images have been copied from video jackets and dvd slicks, but some have been supplied from other sources. The most obvious source being the New Zealand Film Commission,
without which we would all be poorer, when it comes to New Zealand films. Some images have been supplied from the film's producers or distributors.

Much detailed insight to New Zealand films has been provided from a variety of sources, with the Helen Martin/Sam Edwards book, NEW ZEALAND FILM - 1912-1996
furnishing the initial introduction which percipitated this project. Although now OOP, I certainly recommend this source.

In addition to the already mentioned CELLULOID DREAMS, I have also learned from the Jonathan Dennis/Jan Bieringa book: FILM IN AOTEAROA, and Roger Booth's
BRUNO- The Bruno Lawrence Story. I also wish to point out that David Lindsay has allowed me to use portions of items from his monthly magazine of the Wellington Film Society - SEQUENCE.

I have no intent of slighting anyone, nor do I claim ownership of any images, sound clips or other original refered or used text. This site is meant to be a single site reference source of material that is found within a variety of materials, and in a variety of locations. Much of this information can found around the internet, but a typical search engine is not likely to be of much help. If the owners of any information or images, displayed here, insist on their removal, I will certainly comply, but understand that I am trying to assist in the understanding, and by extension, the improved distribution and proper sales of these items. Although I occationally sell used items, it is not my primary intent to sell books, videos, dvds, cds or any such NZ film related items, but to assist in the authorized sale of those items by providing information about them and sources from which interested parties may acquire them.

This site does not support misuse of intellectual property rights, and accordingly, restricts itself to material either commercially available or no longer in general circulation. We do not link to pirate sites, nor will we provide information regarding those sites unless it is helpful towards the removal of such sites.

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