Three Wise Cousins

Three Wise Cousins - 2016

M2S1 Films - 89 min.

DVD UPC/EAN #9322225218826(AU/NZ)
Blu-ray UPC/EAN # 9322225219212(AU/NZ)

Principal Cast: Neil Amituanai, Gloria Blake, Fesuiai Viliamu, Vito Vito.
Crew: Screenplay: Stallone Vaiaoga-loasa; Director of Photography: Stallone Vaiaoga-loasa; Editor: Jack Woon; Art Directors: Kagoai Salene, Vaeani Valaoga Salele; Original Music: Andrew Faleatua; Sound: Denoize Green, Dick Reade; Producers: Wilhelm Voigt, Stallone Vaiaoga-loasa; Director: Stallone Vaiaoga-loasa

Overhearing his crush say she only likes “real island guys” is all it takes to get Adam (Neil Amituanai, in his big screen debut) packing his bags for Samoa, in this comedy by Stallone Vaiaoga-Ioasa (TV's Fresh). Shot largely in Samoa over two weeks, the self-funded film co-stars Samoan locals Vito Vito and Fesuiai Viliamu as Adam’s cousins, teaching him the basics of island life. Until the end, I found the Adam character to be not only a "momma's boy", but a lazy, dork with little to admire. If he had been written as shy and poorly educated, I think his character would have been more believable. Mostly enjoyable for the music and photography.

Censor Rating: PG13 - Review Rating: C+

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Starting 24 November 2016, a PAL R0 DVD can be purchased from New Zealand sources for about $30nz. It is presented in a 1.80:1 format, 16x9 enhanced, with DD Surround 5.1 or stereo 2.0 English language tracks. It also has optional English subtitles. On the same date, an All Regions 1080p with English, and some Samoan, DTS-HD-MA 5.1 Blu-ray version, selling for about $35nz, will be released in New Zealand. Both will have short extras of: "Too Much Wisdom" deleted Scenes(3:37), "Not Enough Wisdom" bloopers(5:09) and "Beginners Guide to Siva Samoa"(0:48). Starting 07 December, both DVD($25au) and Blu-ray($30au) versions became available in Australia. As of 07 December 2016, no reliable information about releases in other markets.

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Music composed and lyrics written by Andrew Faleatua
1. This Is How We Do It In The Islands (feat. Siosiua Afu)
2. My Biggest Fan (feat. Siosiua Afu)
3. Take Me To The Islands (feat. Shannon Pahulu)
4. Crawling (Male Version) [feat. Ileini Kabalan]
5. Crawling (Female Version) [feat. Bek Gould]
6. The Island Way
7. Less Grinding More Climbing
8. For The People
Produced by Andrew Faleatua and Stephen Zrnic
Mixed and Mastered by Stephen Zrnic

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