Queen City Rocker

Queen City Rocker - aka: Tearaway - 1986

Mirage Films - 85 min.

DVD UPC/EAN # 9418212012307; 4048317373956

Cast: Mathew Hunter, Mark Pilisi, Ricky Bribiesca, Kim Willoughby, Rebecca Saunders, Peter Bland, Perise Viafale, George Henare, Greer Robson, Roy Billing, Liddy Holoway.
Screenplay: Bill Baer; Photography: Kevin Hayward; Editor: Michael Hacking; Musical Director: Dave McArtney; Producer: Larry Parr; Director: Bruce Morrison.

In the turbulence of Auckland, Ska (Hunter) is a streetwise 19 year old, whose father is a drunkard and whose older sister works at a high-class massage parlour. When he decides to "rescue" her, he is thrown out. With some friends, he take revenge by trashing the place, but the reply results in Ska's best friend being killed. The massage parlour boss is also a crooked concert promoter, so Ska, and his gang, "hijack" a concert which incites the audience to riot.

Censor Rating: M - Review Rating: C+

Queen City Rocker
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Expect used VHS NTSC copies to cost about $10us or PAL for 10eu or 5#.
As of 01 December 2011 an R0 PAL DVD has become available in New Zealand for about $15nz. It is presented in its original 1.34:1 DD 2.0 format. There are no subtitles or extras.

Aro Video of Wellington has rental copies available for any New Zealand address

There is a German PAL R2 DVD version under the title 'Street Hooligans vs. Rocker'. It can be found for about 10eur. It has a spoken German soundtrack as well as the original English. It has no subtitles or extras.

Mighty Ape of Auckland

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"Queen City Rocker reflects a side of life people read of in the papers but otherwise know little about. 'It goes against a whole set of national stereotypes', says director Bruce Morrison [...] 'The world will find the attitude of some of the characters wanting. They won't like it, I'm sure. They won't like people swearing and they won't like people being violent to each other and to property'"- (Waikato Times in, Queen City Rocker Press kit)

"Through the lens of Director of Photography Kevin Hayward, Auckland is a mean and angry city, pulsating with raw power. Stylish and original compositions offer us buildings with weird and deceptive angles. Lights, glimmering just out of frame, threaten and discomfit" - (Peter Calder, "Queen City Grit", New Zealand Herald, February 16, 1987)

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Review at Sofahelden.com(German)


North & South Review by Brian McDonnell - February 1987 - For details or copies contact Kakapo Books


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