Cupid's Prey

Cupid's Prey - 2002

Film Knights Production - 87 min.
DVD UPC/EAN # 942101637047; 8713045205003

Cast: Joanna Pacula, Jack Wagner, Katrina Browne, Glen Drake.
Screenplay: Lynne Lueders; Cinematography: Renaud Maire; Music: Bruce Lynch; Editor: Eric De Beus; Production Design: Shayne Radford; Producers: Grant Bradley, Jozsef Fityus ; Director: Dale G. Bradley.

Rebecca (Browne) finds herself the unwilling recipient of too much attention. Her boyfriend Matt (Drake), and Matt's father Jeremy (Wagner), who sees himself as the ultimate seducer. Matt's mother, Iris (Pacula) sees herself as the family guardian. With Matt seeming to straying into the hands of every pretty girl, where could the family end up? Standard murder and mayhem thriller with good production and technical values. A good view for those drawn to the genre.

Censor Rating: M - Review Rating: B-

Cupid's Prey
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R0 PAL DVDs can be purchased from NZ sources for about $15nz. R2 copies can be found for about 10Eur. No known source for NTSC format at this time. It is presented 16x9 widescreen, with 2.0 surround sound. There are no extras nor subtitles.

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STRASTI UBIVAET ~ CUPID'S PREY Director : Dale J. Bradley. Cast : Joanna Pakula, Jack Wagner, Katrina Brown, Glen Drake. About FILME : In time, the manor its rich sokursnika Matt, Rebecca Swains fascinates his entire family. These vast holdings a few years ago, a mysterious killing girl but it is not alarming Rebecca, it has continued to meet Matt. Soon friendship between students grow in love, and his mother Iris begins to fear that Rebecca deny her son. She asked her husband Jeremy at all costs to protect their home. However, the powerful and selfish Jeremy has a vision for the lost beauty. As rival secret of his son, it takes no game, whether by the will of the feelings, either on the orders of his wife's strange ... Their emotional and biographical Dale J. Bradley ( "Peak of Terror", "Zateriannaya Valley) is similar to manashchuu puzzle, which might be gathered, Only by understanding the true intentions of all players. In this fascinating film a talented actors : Joanna Pakula ( "virus", "Husbands and lovers"), Jack Wagner (soap "Santa Barbara", "Melrose Place") Katrina Brown ( "blood crimes"), Glen Drake ( "the Celestial").


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