Irrefutable Truth About Demons

Irrefutable Truth About Demons, The - aka: Truth about Demons, The - 2000

First Sun - 88 min.

DVD UPC/EAN # 733807180100; 687797611796; 634991112123; 8716777000298; 4042564200256(DE)
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Cast: Karl Urban, Katie Wolfe, Sally Stockwell, Honathon Hendry.
Writer: Glenn Standring; Production Design: Clive Memmott; Director of Photography: Simon Baumfield; Editor: Paul Sutorius; Music: Victoria Kelly, Joost Langeveld; Producer: Dave Gibson; Director: Glenn Standring.

Harry Ballard has just unearthed the essence of evil. He is a marked man, a living sacrifice, thrown to the depths of the demon world. At his side is a beautiful young woman, an ex-cult member who has experienced their immeasurable power. "In the place between what you know and what you fear - demons rule." Not a great film, but a most interesting visual. Most of the budget appears to have gone into costumes, set design and special effects. Not a film for everyone.

Censor Rating: R16 - Review rating: C

The Irrefutable Truth about Demons
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New PAL DVD copies should be under 10# in the U.K and sell for about $20au and $20nz. Most are a 1.33:1 version, but there have been some DVD in the original 1.78:1 widescreen version.
The "Ventura Distribution" Special Edition version (in 1.33) includes: an audio commentary track by the director; a "making of" featurette; a couple of deleted scenes; and the theatrical trailer. There are no subtitles. (NOTE: Between :40 and :48 seconds of the trailer, a transparent oval appears in the lower right portion of the screen, which is an "Easter Egg" to another trailer).
There are Blu-ray offerings from Germany. Two sets include both a Blu-ray (Region B) and a DVD(region 2) and one offering is only the Blu-ray which is an All Region disc with a 1.85:1 1080p format. There are both English and German soundtracks in both DD 2.0 and DD 5.1. The only subtitles are German. There are many extras; Audio commentary with the director, deleted scenes, animation samples, costume design, a "making of" the German dubbing, interviews with the director and others, artwork gallery, original press information, reviews, filmographies and trailers.

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"With a title such as The Irrefutable Truth About Demons, there's little chance that the movie will be good. Still, one does have hopes that the movie will be so bad, it's good. Unfortunately not - it's just plain bad. There's little entertainment value in this farfetched yarn (although some of the acting does evoke laughter. But then again, given the dubious nature of the script the actors are working with, it's hard to be too critical of them. Demons and cult members chase Dr. Harry Ballard (Karl Urban) through the streets, as he spends much of the time strutting about without a shirt. The movie is ostensibly an examination of the nature of reality, which we are told by Harry, is created by the mind, not the eyes. This could potentially be the premise of an interesting story, if the conclusions to which the movie arrives about reality weren't so irredeemably insipid. First-time New Zealand feature film writer/director Glenn Standring's view of the Truth is as bankrupt as his vision of the horror film genre. Like a good majority of horror films, The Irrefutable Truth mistakes what is merely disgusting (such as a handful of cockroaches being thrown into someone's open mouth) for what is truly horrifying (such as the baseness to which humanity can sink portrayed by truly chilling movies such as Psycho and Rosemary's Baby)." Poonam Khanna,, September 29, 2000


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New Zealand herald, Mar.24, 2001
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Sunday star-times, Mar.25, 2001


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