Wild Horses DVD

Wild Horses - 1984

Endeavour Productions - 88 min.

DVD UPC/EAN # 096009150396; 0877694003897

Cast: Keith Aberdein, John Bach, Kevin J. Wilson, Robyn Gibbes, Bruno Lawrence, Tom Poata, Marshall Napier, Martyn Sanderson.
Crew: Screenplay: Kevin O'Sullivan; Photography: Doug Milsome; Editor: Simon Reece; Music: Dave Fraser; Producer: John Barnett; Director: Derek Morton.

When men are laid off from a sawmill, Mitch (Aberdein) is in a position to realize his ambition of catching and selling the wild horses of the central volcanic plateau. Unfortunately, some of the men from the mill get jobs hunting deer, in the same area. Because Mitch and his horses are frightening off the deer, the deer hunters begin to ruthlessly wipe out the wild horses. The film is based upon actual events that happened during the 1960s and '70s and makes excellent use of interesting North Island locations, which is great because the story is so badly done that one needs pleasant distractions.

Censor Rating: PG - Review Rating: C+

Wild Horses
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Pretty landscape, but the film is not more nor less than a B-feature Western complete with bar-room brawl, cliche dialogue and a rifle-packing villain (Bruno Lawrence) in a black hat. To date (1986) it has had very limited release in New Zealand. Director Derek Morton disclaims credit for the final version, saying it was 'entirely assembled by its producer'. (Nicholas Reid - 'A Decade of New Zealand Film' - John McIndoe Ltd.).


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