Daffodils aka: Songs of Love - 2019

Libertine Pictures/KHF Media - 92 min.

DVD UPC/EAN # - 9338683124180(NZ); 3344428207793(FR)
Blu-ray UPC/EAN # 3344428207984(FR)

Cast: Rose McIver, George Mason, Kimbra, Tola Newbery, Ben Childs, Tandi Wright, Gavin Rutherford, Zach Newton, Alice Connolly, Hanna Tevita, Abby Damen, Mark Mitchinson, Katie Wolfe Screenplay: Rochelle Bright ; Director of Photography: Mathew Knight; Original Music: Steph Brown, Fen Ikner; Editors: Scott Gray, Cushla Dillon; Sound Supervisor & Designer: Melanie Graham; Production Designer: Brendan Heffernan; Costume Designer: Sarah Voon; Special Effects: Steve Ingram, Karl Chisholm; Set Decoration: Anthony Allan; Art Director: Sven Wigg; ; Makeup: Frankie Karena; Producers: Richard Fletcher, David Stubbs; Director: David Stubbs.

Leaving her dying father's bedside, singer Maisie(Kimbra) rushes to perform at an indie music gig in town. But as she sings the opening song, it's hard for her to ignore the heartfelt story she's just been told - the story of how her dad met and fell in love with her mother, and how it all devastatingly fell apart. As the night goes on, we see the love story of Eric(George Mason) and Rose(Rose McIver) through Maisie's eyes. From the time they meet in Hamilton in 1966 to their separation in the 1980's, we follow the bittersweet nuances of a couple's life, expressed with contemporary re-imaginings of iconic hit songs of New Zealand artists including Crowded House, Bic Runga and Dave Dobbyn. Locations in Hamilton, Wellington, Wairarapa and the Kapiti Coast.

Censor Rating: M - Review rating: C+

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Starting 03 July 2019, a PAL R4 DVD became available from Australian and New Zealand resellers, selling for about $20. It has a format of 2.58:1. There is a spoken English DD 5.1 and an optional descriptive English DD 2.0 track. There are also optional English subtitles. Extras include: 'Behind the Movie' [4:05], 'Designing the World'[1:45], 'The Journey to the Screen'[1:56], 'Silhouettes and Shapes'[1:31], 'Anchor Me' music video[2:50], 'Silent Treatment' music video[4:10]
Starting 05 February 2020, a Region 2 DVD (15eur) and an ALL Regions Blu-ray (17eur) became available from French sources. The Blu-ray is a 1080i disc with spoken DTS-HD-MA 5.1 English and French soundtracks, plus a French subtitle option. NOTE: When I tested the subtitle option I found that I had French subtitles regardless of whether the option was on or off. The only extras are four trailers.

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Steve Newall talks with Kimbra about Daffodils and the importance of risk-taking.

Director David Stubbs talks to Russell Baillie about adapting the award-winning play Daffodils.

Emily Bell interviews Playwright Rochelle Bright

Mathew Knight talks about his experiences shooting 'Daffodils'

Jesse Mulligan talks with singer Kimbra and actor George Mason (RNZ audio)

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