The Scarecrow DVD

Scarecrow, The - 1982

Oasis Films - 88 min.

DVD UPC/EAN # 8432593001591; 9418212008300

Cast: John Carradine, Tracy Mann, Daniel McLaren, Johnathan Smith, Bruce Allpress, Phillip Holder, Stephen Taylor, Des Kelly.
Crew: Screenplay: Michael Heath and Sam Pillsbury (based upon the Ronald Hugh Morrieson novel); Photography: James Bartle; Editor: Ian John; Original Music: Andrew Hagen, Morton Wilson; Producer: Rob Whitehouse; Director: Sam Pillsbury.

Adolescents growing up in a small North Island town ( Thames), in the 1950s, find strange things starting to occur around them: the murder of an usherette is followed by the arrival of a well-spoken, but gawky stranger (Carradine) who presents himself as a magician. As Sam Pillsbury, the director put it, "an hallucinatory mixture of Gothic melodrama, adventure story, psychological thriller, small town farce and pantomime." It was the first NZ feature selected for the Director's Fortnight at Cannes.

Censor Rating: PG - Review Rating: B-

The Scarecrow
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25 November 2007 - An R0 PAL DVD is available from Spanish sources. This dvd is presented in its original 1.33:1 format with Spanish 5.1 and the original English 2.0 audio track. It also has Spanish subtitles and includes some Spanish text bios and still photos.

July 2010 - A bare-bones R0 PAL DVD is available from NZ Sources, selling for under $15nz. It is only in the original English 2.0 soundtrack with no subtitles options or extras.

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"In the part of Ned's sister, Prudence, Australian actress Tracey Mann takes advantage of what is the scripts most three dimensional character. She is a nubile adolescent whose tomboyish but womanly charms must, for the credibility of what ensues, have an unsettling effect on a fair cross- section of the town's male population, including randy youths, the aging lechers and especially the perverted Salter. Mann makes it all believable" - (Variety, April 28, 1982)


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1982 - Mystfest (Italy) - Best Artistic Contribution to the ensemble cast of: Bruce Allpress. John Carradine, Anne Flannery, Johathan Hardy, Desmond Kelly, Tracy Mann, Daniel McLaren, Denise O'Connell, Jonathan Smith, Stephen Taylor.

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