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Arriving Tuesday - 1986

Cinepro/Walker Films - 90 min.

Cast: Judy McIntosh, Peter Hayden, Rawiri Paratene, Heather Bolton.
Screenplay: Richard Riddiford, David Copeland; Additional Script: Rawiri Paratene, Bruce Phillips; Photography: Murray Milne; Music: Scott Calhoun; Producers: Don Reynolds, Chris Hampson; Executive Producer: Campbell Stevenson; Director: Richard Riddiford.

Monica arrives back from her big overseas experience to find her boyfriend Nick unchanged. Although Nick styles himself an artist, he is really something of a cultural redneck, and when the couple head up north for a break, and they meet up with Riki, a poet, who is rather less shallow and charming. Nice location shots at Waiuku, Dargaville, Hokianga and Ninety Mile Beach.

Censor Rating: PG - Review rating: C+

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"'I'd been working on the idea of a documentary on the classic 'overseas experience' - the young kiwi's almost obsessive need to get out of his country and travel the world', explains [Richard] Riddiford. 'But the project developed from there. We ended up taking the more personalised approach of a feature film, putting the 'O.E' bit in a story that, I hope, says a lot more about New Zealand and New Zealanders than a simple documentary could ever do'" - (Richard Riddiford in, 30th London Film Festival programme)

"It is a very delicately balanced film. Warmth and wit are cut through by some quite savage moments and the love story is so skilfully interwoven with the wider issues that it is all of a piece..." - (Helen Martin, "At home", The Listener, November 8, 1986)


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1987 - New Zealand Film Awards - Best Leading Female: Judy McIntosh; Best Supporting Female: Heather Bolton.

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