Orphans and Angels

Orphans and Angels - 2003

Karmik Film Productions - 100 min.

DVD UPC/EAN # 827250602224; 942101637024

Cast: Emmeline Hawthorne, Christopher Brown, Cal Wilson, Aaron Ward.
Screenplay: Harold Brodie; Director of Photography: Ian Beale; Music: Blind Devine; Editing: Harold Brodie; Costume Design: Julie Millar; Production Design: Phil Gregory; Producer: Hb Ranstead, L Parker Hart, Robin Brown, John Davies; Director: Harold Brodie.

First time director, Harold Brodie, gives the film noir genre a modern New Zealand relevance. Theresa meets John, who has just returned after a five year absence. Immediately taken by his charm, the two begin dating. But Theresa is easily drawn into John's world of drugs, alcohol and shady dealings. Slowly John's haunted past becomes undeniable, and it will require the help of her friend Kim and John's partner Billy to help pull Theresa from John's spell.

Censor Rating: R18 - Review rating: B-

The Orator
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R4 DVDs are available from various New Zealand sources for about $20nz or $15au from Australian sources. New PAL VHS copies are available for about $25nz. R0 NTSC DVDs are available in the U.S. for about $7us. R2 pal versions are about 10eur. The 16:9 widescreen presentation is in dolby digital 2.0. The DVD also includes the trailer and an optional commentary track with the director, Harold Brodie, and lead actor Emmeline Hawthorne. There are no subtitles.

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No soundtrack CD available at this time, however half of their songs for the film are on their album 'Devouring the Beautiful'.

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2003 - New Zealand Film and TV Awards - Special Jury Prize for Digital Feature.

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