Jack Be Nimble DVD

Jack Be Nimble - 1993

Essential Productions Ltd. - 95 min.

DVD UPC/EAN # 014381559828, 8432593000280
Blu-ray UPC/EAN # 688187004266

Cast: Alex Arquette, Sarah Smuts-Kennedy, Bruno Lawrence, Tony Barry, Elizabeth Hawthorne.
Writer: Garth Maxwell, Rex Pilgrim; Photography: Donald Duncan, Chris Neal, Grant Major; Original Music: Chris Neal; Special Effects: Kevin Chisnall; Editor: John Gilbert; Director: Garth Maxwell.

Two children are abandoned by their mentally ill mother. Doris goes to a good home, but she is psychic and the other children find her strange. Jack is adopted by an impossibly cruel farming family. Doris uses her powers to search for Jack, who has invented a machine with which he can hypnotise people and has induced his adoptive parents to commit suicide. Doris becomes pregnant to Terry, her boyfriend, who is also psychic. Doris and Jack go on a search for their natural parents - with tragic results.

Censor Rating: M -- Review Rating: B-

Jack Be Nimble
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New R0 PAL DVD copies can be purchased from NZ sources for under $20nz. Expect to pay about $10us for new NTSC VHS copy, about 20# for new PAL VHS copy. Now that the R1 DVD is OOP, new R1 ntsc copies are selling for $50us or more. It is presented 1.33:1 with dolby digital 3.1 surround sound. There are no extras. There is a Spanish PAL R0 version with the original English language track selling for about $20us.

Starting 26 July 2022, a Region Free, limited edition Blu-ray was released. It is a 4k restoration, displayed 1.86:1, with optional English and Spanish subtitles and a 5.1 DTS-HD-MA spoken English soundtrack. Extras include: An interview with director Garth Maxwell and film critic Dominic Corry. There is a second Garth Maxwell interview with him talking about his childhood, inspirations and filmmaking. Neither of these interviews have subtitle options. There is an audio commentary with cast and crew, photo gallery, original trailer and some other unrelated trailers. Additionally, there are 2K restorations of short films Beyond Gravity (50 min.) & Naughty Little Peeptoe (35 min.), displayed 1.33:1 with 2.0 DTS-HD Master spoken English and optional English and Spanish subtitles. It is selling for about $30us.

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"How should we react to this grisly yarn? A shoulder shrug is one answer, for the talented young writer and director changes moods so many times, from horror comedy to eerie fairytale, from arty artifact to commercial bloodbath. Yet if the pieces never bind together, Maxwell still gives us much to ponder (family bonds, the beast within) and builds his jigsaw with visual flourishes that stop just short of the show- off stunts of so many first films" - (Geoff Brown, The Times, February 3, 1994)


Dominion, Feb.28, 1994
Guardian weekly, v.150no.7(Feb.13 1994)
Listener, v.141no.2799(No0v.27 1993)
Metro, no.150(Dec.1993)
Brian McDonnell North & South Review (December 1993) - For details or copies contact Kakapo Books
Quote, unquote, no.6(Nov.1993)
Sight and sound, v.4.issue2(Feb.1994)


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1993 - Fantasporto - Best Actress: Sarah Smuts-Kennedy; Best Screenplay.

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