Older - 2020

Pigville Productions - 93 min.

Principal Cast: Guy Pigden, Harley Neville, Astra McLaren, Liesha Ward Knox, Jay Simon, Michael Drew, Samantha Jukes, Michelle Leuthart.
Screenplay: Guy Pigden; Director of Photography: Adam St. John; Composer: Matt Caradus; Art Direction: Julie Clark; Costume Design: Julie Clark; Production Manager: Tanjia Wylie; Producer: Harley Neville; Director: Guy Pigden.

Alex (Guy Pigden) is a failed filmmaker approaching thirty who has moved back in with his parents and adopted his teenage lifestyle. While attending a wedding, he reconnects with Jenny (Liesha Ward Knox), an old high school friend who can both appreciate and relate to Alex's reluctance to grow up. But Alex is also trying to court Stephanie (Astra McLaren), someone he has had on and off again dalliances with for over a decade. As Alex and Jenny become closer, he is forced to re-assess his relationship with both women and question whether or not it's finally time for him to accept the responsibilities of adulthood...or keep running from them.

Censor Rating: M - Review rating: C

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The feature is presented 1.85 anamorphic widescreen, enhanced for 16:9. The sound is 2.0 dolby digital. The spoken language is English. There are no subtitles.

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