Her Majesty

Her Majesty - 2004

Silicon Valley Film Fund - 105 min.

DVD UPC/EAN # 9421016370450; 014381314922

Cast: Sally Andrews, Vicky Haughton, Mark Clare, Liddy Halloway, Anna Sheridan, Alison Routledge, Craig Elliott. Screenplay: Mark J. Gordon; Director of Photography: Stephen M. Katz; Music: William Ross; Editing: Virginia Katz; Costume Design: Leslie Burkes-Harding; Production Design: Kim Sinclair; Producer: Walter Coblenz; Director: Mark J. Gordon.

It is 1953 and Elizabeth Wakefield is nearly 13 and she is consumed by a desire to meet the new Queen, Elizabeth II. But she is stuck in a provincial North Island town in New Zealand, trying to deal with typical "coming-of-age" challenges such as parents who don't understand, a cruel brother, unfaithful friends, a handsome teacher and dozens of unanswered letters she has sent to the Queen. Then it happens - the Queen is going to visit the town during her New Zealand tour. This family film, that probably will appeal more to pre and early teen girls, is a bit rough around the edges, but not bad for a first time director who has done a good job at designing a mid-20th century small town New Zealand atmosphere. Location shoting in Cambridge, New Zealand. Recommended.

Censor Rating: PG - Review rating: B-

Her Majesty
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The Australian R4 PAL disc is in 16x9 anamorphic with 5.1 dolby digital surround with no extras and sells for about $15au. An R4 DVD is available from New Zealand sources for about $20nz. In addition to also being 16x9 anamorphic with 5.1 surround, extras include a "Making of" featurette (12:55) and a complementary short 15 minute film, 'The Queen's Birthday', about a young girl who decides to bake a cake for the Queen. There are no subtitles. An R1 dvd is available in North America selling for about $15us. It has the same technical features of the earlier Australian and New Zealand dvd releases. It's extras include the trailer along with the 13 minute "Making of" featurette, 'A Royal Good Time'. It does not contain 'The Queen's Birthday' short.

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"This is an old-fashioned charming, English-type story. I enjoyed it--seeing a world that no longer exists. It shows how a young New Zealand girl, and finally her parents, let go of the old royal "hullabaloo" -- finally accepting the reality of the now (1953 now), accepting the growing cultural changes in the country, accepting the beginnings of what Europeans thought was theirs -- the reality of Maori as first and equal citizens of the country. But not all is serious, there are some mystical and fun doings as well." - Eva Trapani - The Kiwiphile File - [Only files prior to 2011]

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