Mosley - 2019

Huhu Studios/China Film Animation - 93 min.
DVD UPC/EAN # 9338176023020(AU/NZ)

Principal Cast: Lucy Lawless, John Rhys-Davies, Rhys Darby, Temuera Morrison, Daryl Habraken, Jay Simon, Kirby Atkins, Leah Atkins, Timothy Raby.
Writers: Kirby Atkins. Ge Jing; Director of Photography: Markus Kristensen; Original Music: Alain Mayrand; Editor: Kathy Graves Toon; Production Designer: Markus Kristensen; Lead Animator: Wu Hongling; Animation Director: Manuel Aparicio; Music Supervisor: Alain Mayrand; Conceptual Designer: Brendan Heffernan; Senior Character Modeler: Rishi Raj; Producers: Bill Boyce, Daniel Story, David Townsend, Yang Uhe, Chen Zhenyu; Directors: Kirby Atkins., Huang Jun

A family of four-legged creatures known as “thoriphants” work as beasts of burden for Simon, a bitter farmer living on an isolated plot of land. One night, the thoriphant Mosley and his young son, Rue, discover a cave with ancient drawings— creatures just like themselves, only these have hands and walk upright. The discovery prompts Mosley to embark on a dangerous quest to find what happened to his ancestors and perhaps realize his own true nature. Since this is an animation feature, all actors are voice only. This is the first Chinese/New Zealand animation co-production.

Censor Rating: PG - Review rating: B-

Mosley trailer
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Starting 28 April 2020 in Australia and New Zealand a Region 4 DVD were scheduled for purchase for about $25, however due to the coronavirus, deliveries were delayed for about 30 days. It has a 2.65:1 format with DD 5.1 English soundtrack. There are no subtitles or extras.
Starting 14 December 2021, it will have a DVD release in the US.

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2020 - China’s 13th Xiamen International Animation Festival - Golden Dolphin Award for Best Animated Feature Film

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