The Lunatics' Ball video

Lunatics' Ball, The - 1999

Michael Thorp/NZFC Production - 88 min.

Cast: Russel Walder, Jane Irwin, Sarah Ashworth, Michael Daly, Alan De Malmacher.
Screenplay: Michael Thorp; Photography: Neil Cervin; Art Director: Katherine Claypole; Editors: Mike Horton, Paul Sutorius; Makeup and Hair styles: Abigail Donogh & Sharon Hewgill; Effects Makeup & Prosthetics: Sean Foote; Production Manager: Katie Monroe ; Composer: Peter Scholes; Music performed by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra; organist: Douglas Mews; Vocals: New Zealand National Youth Choir and Voices NZ; Oboe: Russel Walder; Produced & Directed by: Michael Thorp.

A psychologist with unconventional methods challenges a psychiatric hospital and win the admiration and love of a doctor, but he pulls back due to finding that he has only a short time to live. He achieves mixed results with his patients, but ultimately achieves a measure of love and recognition. A true labor of love, this film was started on a meagre $50,000 and was completed still spending less than $500,000. One has to wonder what would have been the result if serious money had been available. Well worth seeing, if you can find it. Lead Russel Walder, formerly with Windham Hill, plays oboe in some scenes. Recommend.

Censor Rating: M -- Review Rating: C+

The Lunatics' Ball
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Link to soundtrack sample of Russel Walder playing oboe with New Zealand Symphony, conducted by Peter Scholes.
Courtesy of Russel Walder and Peter Scholes.

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