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Angel Mine - 1978

ILA Productions - 66 min.
UPC/EAN 9418212008201

Cast: Derek Ward, Jennifer Redford, Myra de Groot, Mike Wilson.
Writer: David Blyth; Photography: John Earnshaw; Music: Mark Nicholas and performed by the Auckland Youth Orchestra, Peter Kerin and the Suburban Reptiles; Producers: David Blyth and Warren Sellars; Associated Producers: Jennifer Jakich and Larry Parr; Director: David Blyth.

The opening is a fantasy in the form of a nude advert for Angel Mine, a drug which will automatically solve marital problems. Reality intervenes and the film proceeds in this manner, switching back and forth between reality and fantasy. We discover that there are sexual problems - the couple's fantasies and their realities pull in different directions.

Censor Rating: R18 - Review rating: C

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PAL vhs copies of this title is OOP, however as of February 2009, it is available on PAL R0 DVD selling for about $15nz. It is presented 1.33:1 with a DD 2.0 spoken English soundtrack. There are no subtitles. Extras include a short, 'Circadian Rhymes' and the feature's trailer.

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Intended, apparently, as some sort of satire on suburbia. Pretty ragged. Misleadingly advertised as 'New Zealand's own erotic fantasy'. Notable for musical contribution of Suburban Reptiles. Will film help growth of local film industry? Could do. Horse-manure helps roses grow. (Nicholas Reid, Auckland Star, November 1978).


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Valhalla Films submitted a 1812.72 mtr (66min 15sec) print in February 1980. They were awarded an R18+ rating only after the deletion of 12.1mtr (26sec) of footage.
In August 1982 a 64min tape described as an 'optically modified version' was awarded an R18+. I believe this was released on the Videoscope label.

The following explanation of the cuts is from Cinema Papers magazine.
Angel Mine a New Zealand short, was Rated "R" after the deletion of a sequence. Blyth claims however that the cut was made without his approval. This raises the difficult issue of whether a distributor should be allowed to make cuts in a film to satisfy the censorship rulings of individual countries. In many distribution contracts these rights are clearly spelt out; in others not at all.
Angel Mine was shortened by the deletion of one scene where a blue movie is seen flickering on a screen in the background.
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