Grasscutter DVD

Grasscutter, The - 1988

Finlayson Brewer Productions - 105 min.

DVD UPC/EAN # 5060090300775

Cast: Ian McElhinney, Marshall Napier, Judy McIntosh, Martin Maguire, Mitchell Manuel, Terence Cooper, Frances Barber, Temuera Morrison.
Screenplay: Roy Mitchell; Production Design: Robert Gillies; Directors of Photography: Matt Bowkett, Michael O'Connor; Editor: Patrick Monaghan; Music: Don McGlashan, Wayne Laird; Producer: Tom Finlayson; Director: Ian Mune.

An Ulster Volunteer Force vigilante, turned police informer, is sent by the British government to New Zealand to start a new life, leaving behind his eldest son. Although his wife, and two young boys, are also in New Zealand, they are no longer together, and he has a new love interest. After some eight years his past catches up with him when former comrades show up, intent on extracting revenge. After two nearly successful attempts by them (in Dunedin), the action moves to a final confrontation and shootout in the hills above Queenstown. This is an action-thriller, not a historical drama, but interestingly written, although sometimes a bit difficult to follow. Surprise ending. Recommended.

Censor Rating: M - Review rating: B-

The Grasscutter
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No known sources for new VHS copies in either PAL or NTSC. Used PAL copies may occationally be found via ebay. Expect to pay about 7# or $12us for a used copy.
In New Zealand, PAL VHS copies can be rented from Aro Video in Wellington.
An R0 PAL DVD version is available from UK and ebay sources for about 6#. It is a somewhat low quality product, distributed by "23rd Century", but the only option currently available. It is presented in its original 1.33:1 format with 2.0 dolby digital sound. There are no extras or subtitles.

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"There were lots of sub- plots or sub- themes underneath the top one of how does, or can, a man leave his past behind? An interesting one for New Zealand viewers was the constant attention brought to the differences between Northern Ireland and New Zealand [...] If the theme of New Zealand as a paradise was what attracted British viewers, New Zealand as a recognisably flawed place - especially in its inefficient bureaucracy - was part of the attraction for local viewers" - "Colleen Reilly, "Great lines but too little conviction", Dominion Sunday Times, December 2, 1990)


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