The Dead Room

Dead Room, The - 2015

Centron Pictures - 78 min.
DVD UPC/EAN # 826663169188(US); 5060105723940(UK)
Blu-ray UPC/EAN # 826663169195(US); 4041658191876 (DE)

Principal Cast: Jed Brophy, Jeffrey Thomas, Laura Petersen
Crew: Screenplay: Jason Stutter, Kevin Stevens; Director of Photography: Grant Atkinson; Editor: Jason Stutter; Original Music: Plan 9; Production Sound Manager: Chris Hiles; Production Designer: John Harding; Costume Design: Lesley Burkes-Harding; Makeup Designer: Michele Perry; Art Direction: John Harding; Stunt Coordinator: Rodney Cook ; Hair Design: Hayley Ness; Producer: Kevin Stevens; Director: Jason Stutter.

Inspired by a 1970s urban legend, this atmospheric nerve-shredder follows two scientists (Jeffrey Thomas & Jed Brophy) and a young psychic (Laura Petersen) as they travel to the countryside to investigate mysterious goings on at a Fiordland farmhouse that a terrified family had fled. Skepticism quickly turns to terror, as the researchers' presence unsettles a seriously angry demonic presence possessing the home. Excellent production values, photography and sound design that will give your sub-bass a real workout. Recommended within its genre.

Censor Rating: R - Review Rating: B-

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Starting 06 September 2016, an NTSC R1 DVD and a Region A Blu-ray can be purchased from various US sources for about $15us and $19us respectively. The format is 2.39:1 with a spoken 5.1 or 2.0 English soundtrack and optional English or Spanish subtitles. There are three front loaded, unrelated, trailers. From the menu there is access to 'The Dead Room' trailer. There are no other extras.
There is a DVD version available from the UK, labeled R2, but it is an All-Regions disc, for about 12#. With exception of two front-loaded, unrelated, trailers, there are no extras except for 'The Dead Room' trailer accessible from the menu.
The theatrical showings included "Rumble", a new technology that uses infra(?) sound waves to immerse the audience in a low frequency soundscape. As of 10 August 2016, no confirmation as to "Rumble" technology being incorporated within any disc offerings, although the blu-ray certainly seems to and the film was recorded 4k.

A Region B Blu-ray has been released from Germany, starting 04 October 2018, with the title of 'Prescence - Es Ist Hier'. It has DTS-HD-MA 5.1 German and English soundtracks, plus optional German subtitles.

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