Vermilion - 2018

MF Films - 90 min.

DVD UPC/EAN # 9312590158773

Principal Cast: Jennifer Ward-Lealand, Theresa Healey, Emily Campbell, Goretti Chadwick, Peter Feeney, Guy Montgomery, Will Wallace, Fasitua Amosa, Isobel Dryburgh.
Writer: Dorthe Scheffmann; Director of Photography: Maria Ines Manchego; Original Music: Don McGlashan; Editor: Peter Roberts; Sound Designer: Dick Reade; Costume Designer: Kristin Seth; Visual Effects: Jon Baxter; Art Director: Janelle Aston; Producers: Nik Beachman, Michele Fantl; Director: Dorthe Scheffmann.

Celebrity composer Darcy (Jennifer Ward-Lealand) sees colours when she plays musical notes - synaesthesia. When she notices her vision is disrupted by the colour vermilion, she knows she needs help. While planning the wedding of her daughter Zoe (Emily Campbell), surrounded by her loving friends Sarah (Theresa Healey) and Sila (Goretti Chadwich), she secretly makes her own plans. An excellent effort with great samples of music by Douglas Lilburn and Don McGlashan as well as some traditional songs. My only complaint is the lack of optional English subtitles. Recommended.

Censor Rating: M - Review rating: B-

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Starting 20 February 2019, a PAL Region 4 DVD became available from Australian and New Zealand resellers, selling for about $25. It has a format of 1.85:1. There is a DD 2.0 and a DD 5.1 spoken English soundtrack. There are no subtitles nor extras.

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"Scheffmann's writing is a gift to her performers, delineating character and story cleanly while trusting them to do the work of bringing both to life. Although the film is dealing in emotionally charged matters, the dialogue is light rather than heavy, elliptical in a way that at first seems pseudo-profound but gradually reveals itself to be the real thing. The characters have the force of lived experience behind them. This is a wise, sweet, moving film and it made me cry" - David Larsen - Metro Magazine NZ.


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Jennifer Ward-Lealand talks about her new film and roles for older women

Jennifer Ward-Lealand and Emily Campbell talk about their bond in making the movie

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2019 - Accolade Global Film Competition: Excellence Award - Jennifer Ward Lealand for leading actress
2019 - Accolade Global Film Competition: Excellence Award - Goretti Chadwick
2019 - Accolade Global Film Competition: Excellence Award - Special Mention for a feature film
2019 - Accolade Global Film Competition: Excellence Award - Women Filmmakers
2019 - Los Angeles Film Awards: Best Ensemble, Best Drama Feature
2019 - Los Angeles Film Awards: Jennifer Ward Lealand for Best Leading Actress
2019 - Los Angeles Film Awards: Theresa Healey for Best Supporting Actress

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