The Land Has Eyes

Land Has Eyes, The aka: Pear ta ma 'on maf - 2004

Te Maka Productions - 91 min.

DVD UPC/EAN # 3000000060766

Cast: Sapeta Taito, Rena Owen, John Fatiaki, Voi Fesaitu, Elizabeth Kafonika Inia, James Davenport.
Screenplay: Vilsoni Hereniko; Director of Photography: Paul Atkins; Set Design: Cary Smoot; Music: Clive Cockburn, Audy Kimura; Editing: Jonathan Woodford-Robinson; Production Design: Hupfeld Hoerder; Post Production Supervisor: Geoff Murphy; Producers: Jeannette Paulson Hereniko, Corey Tong; Director: Vilsoni Hereniko.

This first feature film from Fiji, or rather the Fijian island of Rotuma, written and directed by a native Fijian, tells of an intelligent young woman who wants more than the traditional ways of her island community. She avoids homemaking skills to aid her father with tasks such as coconut harvesting and is attracted to his folkways and beliefs, instead of the colonially imposed Christianity. This also includes his attachment to the Rotuman myth of the first ruler, Warrior Woman and her magic. The mostly in the Rotuman language soundtrack, with English subtitles, is greatly enhanced by the optional English commentary track. Although most of the actors are amateurs, the results are better than one might expect. A fine insight into a different culture and its members, struggling to adapt to modern Western society. Recommended.

Censor Rating: M - Review rating: B-

The Land Has Eyes
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The dvd is R0 in pal or ntsc versions. It is presented 1.85:1 enhanced for 16:9. Dolby digital 2.0 soundtrack. Copies are available from an Australian source for $35au or the official website for $30us. Special dvd features include: Audio commentary (in English), by Vilsoni Hereniko, Sapeta Taito and Jeannette Paulson Hereniko; a behind-the-scenes slide show gallery; a 17 minute documentary of Rotuman indigenous justice and trailers. There are no subtitles except for a few fixed English ones when Rotuman is spoken. NOTE: As of November 2020, it would seem to be OOP. Therefore, sources such as ebay would be worth checking.

Aro Video of Wellington has copies for rent to any New Zealand location

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September 2004 - Winner, Hale Ki'oni'oni' Award for Vilsoni Hereniko

October 2004 - Best Dramatic Feature Film, ImagineNATIVE Film & Media Art Festival, Toronto.

June 2005 - Premiere Festival Prize for best overall entry, Wairoa Maori Film Festival, New Zealand

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