Sione's 2: Unfinished Business

Sione's 2: Unfinished Business - 2012

South Pacific Pictures - 90 min.

DVD UPC/EAN # 9338176009895, 9338683111326
Blu-ray UPC/EAN # 9338176009901(AU), 9338683111333(NZ)

Cast: Oscar Kightley, Shimpal Lelisi, Robbie Magasiva, Iaheto Ah Hi, David Fane, Teuila Blakely, Madeleine Sami, Pua Magasiva, Nathaniel Lees, Mario Gaoa, Kirk Torrance, Ayse Tezel.
Screenplay: James Griffin, Oscar Kightley; Director of Photography: Marty Smith; Art Director: Milton Candish; Music: Don McGlashan; Editing: Bryan Shaw; Costume Design: Kirsty Cameron; Production Design: Tracey Collins; Producers: John Barnett, Paul Davis;
Director: Simon Bennett.

Growing up appears to be driving the Duckrockers apart, but when they're confronted with one of life's unexpected turns, and Bolo goes missing, their minister once again brings them together and send them on a quest. Their mission: to find Bolo. Where do you start when you are lookiing for this one Samoan in the world's largest Polynesian city? As they set off on the physical search for Bolo, each of the Duckrockers is also on a personal journey or sorts. But of course the Boys being The Boys, the way they deal with things can only go wrong. You should see 'Sione's Wedding' before viewing this sequel to fully appreciate the various characters of this ensemble presentation.

Censor Rating: M - Review rating: B-

Sione's 2: Unfinished Busines
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This title is available on an R0 PAL dvd from New Zealand and Australian sources for $30-35. It is presented 2.35:1, enhanced for 16:9, with DD 5.1 English language track. There are no subtitles. There is an optional audio commentary track with Oscar Kightley, David Fane and Simon Bennett. Additional extras include a "Behind the Scenes" featurette(17 minutes), two music videos ('This is Love' & 'I Promise' )and 22 "click thru's" to the soundtrack music. As of 20 June, 2012, there are no NTSC versions.

There is a 1080p Region B Blu-ray offering that has DD 5.1 or DTS HD Master English audio and the same extras as the dvd indicated above. There are no subtitles. It is selling online for about $35au or $40nz.

Aro Video of Wellington has rental copies available for New Zealand addresses

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DVD at South Pacific Pictures shop

Blu-ray at South Pacific Pictures shop

Madman NZ 2-disc set of Sione's Wedding and Sione's 2. - Blu-ray


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