Zilch ! video

Zilch! - 1989

Vardex/Park Avenue Productions - 96 min.

DVD UPC/EAN # 9418212011270

Cast: Michael Mizrahi, Lucy Sheehan, John Watson, Peter Tait, Roy Billing, Eddie Campbell.
Crew: Screenplay: Richard Riddiford & Johnathan Dowling; Photography: Murray Milne; Editor: Chris Todd; Music: Chris Knox; Producers: Richard Riddiford, Amanda Harquard; Director: Richard Riddiford.

Sam works on the tolls and likes to listen. He overhears more than he bargins for and becomes embroiled in a mishmash of corruption and blackmail. Anna is a hooker who specializes in throwing tomatoes at ageing weirdos. Sam and Anna's paths cross as he works to expose shady manoeuvrings by the CEO of Infacorp, who is out to land a contract to build a tunnel under Auckland harbour. Some nice Auckland area location sets used, but there are significant script and continuity problems.

Censor Rating: M - Review Rating: C

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No known source for new VHS copies. Used PAL VHS may be found, selling for under $15.
As of November 2012, PAL R0 dvds could be purchased from New Zealand sources selling for about $15nz. It is presented in its original 1.33:1 format with 2.0 stereo English language track. There are no subtitles or extras. As of February 2015 it would seem to be OOP.

If you reside in New Zealand, you can rent it from Aro Video, who will ship countrywide.


The complete movie can be legally viewed free online at NZ On Screen

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Clarke Fountain, All Movie Guide Review

"Shot in 1988, there's fun to be had spotting the changes in Auckland reeked upon by those same developers and big businesses the film has a good go at [...] Special mention must also go to Chris Knox for his music score that adds so much to the off-beat tone of the film. Riddiford, cast and crew have done very well to get such an ambitious screenplay on screen with the small budget they had. The overflow of ideas really makes Zilch! quite something" - ("Edgy Zilch! flies high", Auckland Star, March1, 1990)

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