Flying Fox in a Freedom Tree

Flying Fox In A Freedom Tree - 1990

Grahame McLean Associates - 92 min.
DVD UPC/EAN # 9418212011249

Cast: Faifua Amiga Jnr, Richard Von Sturmer, Peseta Sinave Isare, Aloema Anae, Fuialo Molimau, Afatia Aloese
Screenplay: Martyn Sanderson, based upon the book of the same name by Albert Wendt; Director of Photography: Allen Guilford; Editor: Ken Zemke; Original Music: Michelle Scullion; Producer: Grahame McLean; Director: Martyn Sanderson.

Pepe is the son of a successful Samoan businessman, who rejects his father's world and his Christianity. Although he becomes rebellious, anti-social and engages in criminal activity, as well as being expelled from school, he manages to establish himself in business. However, when he gets his girlfriend pregnant, he takes on the responsibilities of a family. Through his close associate with half-cast dwarf, Tagata, he enters the supernatural realm of his traditional ways and begins to find some peace and meaning to his life.

Censor Rating: M - Review rating: B-

Flying Fox in a Freedom Tree
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"...Flying Fox is an excellent adaptation of Albert Wendt's fine novella, though there are awkward moments in the dialogue, action and music that give the film an amateurish feel at times. Filmed on location in Western Samoa and with many in the crew and cast working for the first time in the medium, any clumsiness is more than compensated for by the power "The Footstep Man is a difficult film. Its tone of cramped despair is rarely alleviated. You're in for the duration - just as Sam is. Yet the surprise is that the film seems unsure at which level to pitch itself. Narbey and co- writer Martin Edmond spend a lot of time setting up a premise that toys with interesting ideas regarding the emotions at play during film- making, and their film- within- a- film is so good that you wonder if perhaps it was their original idea. But then they tie up all the loose ends, deliver some too- pat coincidences, and generally undermine the ambiguous tone of the film, leaving you feeling rather cheated. " - (Mark Tierney, "A film of dense, dramatic layers", Listener and T.V Times, October 17, 1992)


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1989 - Tokyo International Film Festival - Best Screenplay, Martyn Sanderson

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