Hugh and Heke DVD

Hugh & Heke - 2010

Out Of It Films/Godzone Pictures - 82 min.

DVD UPC/EAN # 9341005002028

Cast: Geoffrey Dolan, Pete Smith, Sarah McLeod, Michelle Hou-Pere, Peter Wilson Jr, Shara Connelly, Dominique Crawford, Oliver Pownall, Tylor Keith, Arian Ashby.
Writers: Reston Griffiths, Tricia Kelly; Director of Photography: Cristobal Araus Lobos; Original Music: Jed Town; Production Co-ordinator: Jane Dowton; Editing and Post-Production Supervision: Patrick Monaghan; Costume Designer: Larissa Lofley; Art Direction: Ben Keith; Producer: Liz DiFiore; Director: Reston Griffiths

Ordered by his doctor to relax, Hugh and family arrive in their camper at a deserted beach for a quiet holiday. The calm is broken when Heke and his family pull up and park right by Hugh. This brings Hugh and Heke at war, but not the rest of their families. Their wives order them to go fish for dinner, forcing the two husbands to calm down, but not for long. They both snag the same fish and an argument ensues over fishing rights. Filmed at Matauri Bay and Te Ngaere Bay of Northland.

Censor Rating: M - Review rating: B

Hugh & Heke
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The NTSC R0 (all regions) dvd is presented 1.82:1 with a 5.1 English soundtrack. There are no obvious chapters list, but it is divided into 16 segments. There are no subtitles. The dvd can be purchased from New Zealand resellers for about $30nz.

Aro Video of Wellington has rental copies available to any New Zealand address

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From the archives April 26, 2011 - HUGH AND HEKE, starring Geoffrey Dolan (Hugh) and Pete Smith (Heke) in the lead roles, is a light hearted family movie looking at the more serious issue of cross cultural relations in this country. The setting for Reston Griffith's independent film is perhaps fittingly the beach, and as two families spar, the audience can take the time to reflect on our differences and our similarities as we share our lives and common destiny here on the sands and shores of Aotearoa.


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