Savage Honeymoon

Savage Honeymoon - 2000

Rocket Pictures - 90 min.

DVD UPC/EAN # 5050582241488

Cast: Nicholas Eadie, Perry Piercy, Elizabeth Hawthorne, Sophia Hawthorne, Craig Hall, Ian Mune, Theresa Healey.
Screenplay: Mark Beesley; Director of Photography: Leon Narbey; Editor: Margot Francis; Production Design: Gary MacKay; Original Music: Dean Savage; Producer: Steve Sachs; Director: Mark Beesley.

Dean is threatening to firebomb his ex-girlfriend's wedding. Mickey is filling the garage with stolen goods - again, and pierced teenage daughter, Leesa, is an accident waiting to happen on the family's beloved Triumph motorbike. An unconventional tough family, battling to survive with humour and love, in a world of motor bikes, rock 'n' roll, classic cars and alcohol. This is a family that you probably would not want next door, but they are fun to watch, and they have their ways of holding family together. Worth a watch.

Censor Rating: R15 - Review rating: C+

Savage Honeymoon
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R4 PAL DVDs are available from NZ sources for about $30nz and Australian sources for about $20au. The only extra is the trailer. There are no subtitles.

In June 2010 it was re-issued, in New Zealand, as an R0 PAL DVD with no extras, selling for under $15nz. It is presented 1.80:1 with 2.0 digital stereo sound.

Aro Video of Wellington has rentals for any NZ address

This is now OOP and therefore your best best would be sources such as ebay Australia

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"Savage Honeymoon is a well judged movie that pokes fun at certain aspects of New Zealand life, yet at the same time deals with some fundamental issues of family values. The Savages are not a perfect family, but then again, what family is? They do plenty of things wrong, provide some hilarious moments, and show us a little about what holds a family together when the chips are down. Applause to the director and cast for maintaining a good balance and not going overboard on the laughs, the violence, or the mushy stuff." Imbd


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2000 - New Zealand Film Awards -
Best Film;
Best Supporting Actress: Elizabeth Hawthorne;
Best Original Music: Dean Savage;
Best Production Design: Gary MacKay;
Best Costume Design: Emily Carter;
Best Makeup: Denise Kum.

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