Bellbird - 2019

Herringbone Productions - 96 min.
DVD UPC/EAN - 9338683124647

Principal Cast: Marshall Napier, Cohen Holloway, Rachel House, Kahukura Retimana, Stephen Tamarapa, Annie Whittle.
Writer: Hamish Bennett; Director of Photography: Grant McKinnon; Original Music: Karl Steven; Editor: Jason Pengelly; Production Designer: Shayne Radford; Costume Designer: Emily Carter; Hair & Makeup: Katie Rogers; Producers: Orlando Stewart, Catherine Fitzgerald; Director: Hamish Bennett.

Ross is a man of few words and when his wife Beth dies, so does his spirit. His son Bruce is reluctant to change his own life to help run the farm but can see his father struggling, both physically and emotionally. Without Beth as a buffer, the distance in their relationship is exacerbated. The presence of local boy Marley proves useful, as does the unsolicited support from Bruce's boss at the dump, Connie, and from Clem, the local vet. Filmed in Maungakaramea, Northland.

Censor Rating: M - Review rating: B-

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Starting 19 February 2020, a PAL Region 4 DVD became available from New Zealand and Australian resellers selling for about $20. It has 2.40:1 format with a Dolby 5.1 Surround Spoken English soundtrack. Extras include: Optional TeReo Maori subtitles, Descriptive audio for the visually impaired and Descriptive subtitles for the hearing impaired.

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Bellbird is a teacher's tribute to his home turf

Annie Whittle talks with Julie Jacobson about her role

First NZ feature to offer Te Reo subtitling.

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