Men Shouldn't Sing

Men Shouldn't Sing - 2007

Orange Studio - 108 min.

Cast: Jennine Bailey, Lynn Booth, Scott Koorey, Lucy MacVicar, Gary Miller, James Nation-Ingle, West Relugas,
Sam Taylor, Michal Williams.
Screenplay: Jeff Clark; Director of Photography: Peter Cannon; Composer: Michael Bell; Make up &Hair Stylist: Denise Flynn;
Editing: Reuben Bijl; Post-production Manager: Katie Bijl; Production Assistants: Tim Bell, Fiona Bennetts, Katie Bijl;
Producer: Michael Bell; Directed by: Sarah A. Higginson, Michael Bell.

A group of people, who do not know each other, wake-up in an unknown location, finding that they break into uncontrolable song and dance whenever they feel a heightened emotion. This sci-fi comedy musical - the first one produced in New Zealand - was put together in Christchurch, on a volunteer, very low budget basis. I was prepared to be disappointed, given some aspects of the trailer that has been playing at YouTube, but the quality of the music more than makes up for any weak aspects of the story or acting. The music and dance talent is what shines here and if you like the music as much as I think you might, you're in luck, for a soundtrack cd is being produced along with a dvd. Recommended.

Censor Rating: PG - Review rating: B-

Men Shouldn't Sing
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The feature is presented 1.85 anamorphic widescreen. The sound is 2.0 dolby digital surround. There are no subtitles, except during the 2:21 minute "Hans' Lament" piece when his German can be viewed with optional English subtitles.
Special features include a "behind-the-scenes" featurette (21 min.); bloopers (3:15 min.); trailer(2 min.); Extended Scenes of "Who's In Charge" (8:35min) and "Can't Say It Right Without A Song" (9:34min.); an optional audio commentary track by Reuben Bijl and Michael Bell and an original script readthrough audio track option. NOTE: As of May 2021, there seems to be no sources for new dvd copies. Check the usual sources for used copies.

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Comikaze comments after the 2 December Premier

Michael Bell has added another string to his bow, graduating with a MusB at the age of 18. The talented jazz musician began studying double bass with Tom Rainey at the Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology (CPIT) Jazz School at age 14. The merger of the Jazz School and UC School of Music opened up the opportunity of degree study. "I guess you could say I just slipped into a degree. "I am very grateful to the people at CPIT and UC who put in a lot of time and effort to make it possible." Watching Michael cross the stage to receive his degree were his father, Associate Professor Tim Bell (Computer Science and Software Engineering) and mother, Judith, herself a MusB (Hons) graduate from Canterbury. Two nights earlier the family, including Michael's brother Andrew, banded together as Barock, to entertain at the Alumni Association's Canterbury Challenge. Michael, who began his university studies while still a student at Burnside High School, said he was fortunate to have been exposed to jazz at secondary school. "I believe the New Zealand high school music curriculum needs to be changed to incorporate some of the jazz concepts that are covered at tertiary level. It's a little bit unfair that some Kiwis are fortunate enough to be exposed to jazz during high school and some aren't." Michael has now turned his creative talents to movie making. He is writing the music and producing a musical called Men Shouldn't Sing. "One of the reasons for making this movie now is that I am determined to make the most of my early graduation and do as many things as possible while I am still young."

Canterbury University Chronicle - 4 May, 2006

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