This Giant Paper Mache Boulder

This Giant Papier Mache Boulder Is Actually Really Heavy - 2016

Little Hero Productions - 99/112 min.

DVD UPC/EAN # 9312590158469(NZ); 667798103544(US)
Blu-ray UPC/EAN # 9312590158575(NZ)

Principal Cast: Christian Nicolson, Sez Niederer, Lewis Roscoe, Joseph Wycoff, Jared Tito, Daniel Pujol, Tansy Hayden, Robert Mignaut.
Writers: Christian Nicolson, Andrew Beszant; Photography: Gareth Van Niekerk, Robert George, Calvin Sang, Theo McGrath, Mischa Chaleyer-Kynaston, Tom Neunzerling; Music: Karl Steven; Editor: Christian Nicolson; Visual Effects: Sam Prebble; Sound Editor: Gareth Van Niekerk; Production Design: Christin Nicolson; Art Department: Zephir Delamore, Craig Ellis, jesse Stayte; Head of Costumes: Kirianne Nicolson; Producer and Director: Christian Nicolson.

What Happened to the good old days of sci-fi, when spaceships were real models, monsters were made of latex and laser guns were just curling irons painted silver. Now imagine a universe where everything was just like this, for real. Sucked into a parallet universe of B-Grade sci-fi, three ordinary guys go on a perilous quest to find their way home. This very low budget sci-fi comedy will not threaten Star Trek, Dr. Who or even Plan 9 From Outer Space, but you are guaranteed some laughs from the effort, plus the discs have lots of extras.

Censor Rating: M - Review rating: C

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Starting 11 July 2018, both DVD and Blu-ray versions become available from New Zealand resellers and 15 August from Australian. These are all-region discs that will have a spoken English DD 5.1 soundtrack and sell for $25-35nz. There are optional subtitles in English, Russian, Flemish, French and Portugese with the theatrical length. The Festival length only has English subtitles. They will have the theatrical format of 2.35:1, but enhanced for 16x9. The DVD feature length is 99min. The Blu-ray has the 112 min. "Festival Version" length as well as the original theatrical length of 99min. Extras on both discs are: Director's audio commentary track, a second audio commentary track with Daniel Pujol and Zephir Delamore (commentary tracks are English DD 2.0), 'I want to be Your Man' music video, a 'Behind the Scenes' featurette, extra scenes, audition tapes, "Make My Movie" pitch, Trailer, publicity promo, map, three webisodes, director profile 'Tales from NZ' and the Blu-ray will have a special translation subtitle into Xenon.
A DVD was released in the US starting 31 July 2018 and sells for about $25us. The DVD and Blu-ray are available in the UK for about 15# & 25# respectively.

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2016 - Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival - Best Feature Film Comedy
2016 - Gen Con Film Festival - Best Sci-Fi Feature
2016 - London Sci Fi Film Festival - Winner Best Comedy
2016 - The Zone Film Festival - Winner Best Production Design
2016 - Starburst Film Festival - Winner Best Independent Film (supreme award)
2016 - Another Hole In The Head Film Festival - Winner Staff Choice Best Feature
2017 - Miami Sci Fi Film Festival - Winner Best Comedy
2017 - Sir Julius Vogel Awards (NZ) - Winner Best Dramatic Presentation
2017 - Roswell Film Festival - Nominated Best Director and Best Actor

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