End of the Golden Weather

End of the Golden Weather, The - 1991

South Pacific Pictures - 103 min.

Cast: Stephen Fulford, Stephen Papps, Paul Gittins, Gabrielle Hammond.
Screenplay: Ian Mune, Bruce Mason (from a stageplay by Bruce Mason); Photography: Alun Bollinger; Production Design: Ron Highfield; Music: Stephen McCurdy; Editor: Michael Horton; Executive Producer: Don Reynolds; Director: Ian Mune.

Geoff is a lonely youngster, growing up in 1930's Takapuna, with a rich fantasy life and wanting to be a writer. He meets an intellectually handicapped young man, Firpo, who imagines that he has rather more athletic ability than he actually does. Some of the older neighbourhood boys challenge Firpo to a race, with the intention of humiliating him. Geoff tries to help Firpo to prepare, without much success. Geoff is finally infected by Firpo's simple faith that he is somehow specially gifted and bound to succeed.

Censor Rating: PG - Review Rating: C+

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Due to this title being out-of-print since 2007, real new VHS copies are going for at least $40us or 20#, if you can find one. Used copies are also getting harder to find, but they will usually be $10-20us or about 10#. Until recently, there were pal vhs copies selling in New Zealand, so used copies are around, but expect them to be at least $25nz. Warning: there are very low priced vhs-ntsc copies being offered that are not legitimate and are of poor quality.

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August 2015 - The folks at South Pacific Pictures have heard your requests - A basic, no extras, PAL R0 DVD-R, presented 1.85:1 with an English DD 2.0 soundtrack, is now available directly from South Pacific Pictures Store for $15nz, plus shipping.


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North & South article - January 1993

"Perhaps reflecting its origins in a one-man stage show, Golden Weather works best in the relationship between Firpo and Geoff, two outsiders thrown together in mutual misapprehension. Whether they are two, or only one, is debatable, since Firpo might almost be Geoff's own distorted vision of himself - presenting, with his wild outbursts, naive fantasies and knobby, angular limbs, a cruel parody of pre- adolescent awkwardness. In the final shot, Geoff heads off along the beach in his school uniform, the Firpo stage of his development evidently behind him. It's an ending, like the film as a whole, that's just a little too pat to be be poignant" - (Philip Kemp, Sight and Sound, February 1993, pg.45)


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North & South Review by Brian McDonnell - April 1992 - For details or copies contact Kakapo Books


1992 - New Zealand Film Awards - Best Film; Best Director; Best Actor: Stephen Papps; Best Cinematography; Best Editing; Best Score; Best Costume Design; Best Production Design.
1993 - Young Artist Awards, Los Angeles - Special Award: Best Young Actor in a foreign film and Outstanding Foreign Film.

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