Bad Blood DVD

Bad Blood - 1982

Southern Pictures - 105 min.
DVD UPC/EAN # 9322225019737; 018619820056

Cast: Jack Thompson, Carol Burns, Dennis Lill, Elizabeth Watson, Michael Teen, Donna Akersten, Martyn Sanderson, Marshall Napier.
Screenplay: Andrew Brown (based on the book 'Manhunt' by Howard Willis); Designer: Kai Hawkins; Photography: Gary Hanson; Music: Richard Hartley; Editor: Peter Hollywood; Producer: Andrew Brown; Director: Mike Newall.

In October 1941, Stan Graham, a Westland smallholder, develops a persecution complex and starts to threaten his neighbours. They put up with it for awhile but things become intolerable. One day a party of four policemen arrive to confiscate his firearms. This causes a flashpoint for him - he loves his guns and is not going to hand them over. He shoots all the cops and, in the ensuing altercations, three more locals before heading to the hills. A manhunt composed of police, army and homeguard is organised and delivers Graham's come-uppance. Based upon a true event that happened around the present community of Kowhitirangi, out of Hokitika.

Censor Rating: PG - Review rating: B

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New R0 PAL DVD copies are available for about $20au or $20nz. The DVD is listed as 1.85:1, 2.0 dolby stereo, but I measured 1.67:1 and to the best of my knowledge, it was filmed 1.33:1, mono. There are no subtitles. The DVD includes a 15 min. interview with Jack Thompson. The DVD video quality does not appear much better than a clean VHS - in otherwords the movie looks like it was shot on 16mm, instead of the 35mm upon which it was done, however read the information below about the dvd transfer before ruling out getting or seeing it. VHS copies are available in both PAL and NTSC formats, but no known sources for new copies. Expect used copies to sell for at least $15us.
NOTE: As of 2 Oct. 2007, it is available from North American sources for about $22.50us, however I have yet to see a copy or hear about its extras. I would appreciate someone with such a copy to let me know if it is widescreen, mono, stereo and possessing any extras.

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"Here and in the hills where locals, home guards, police and soldiers hunted for Graham, the film crew of some 50 people, and more than 50 actors, are re-creating Stan Graham's murder rampage, which left four policemen, a school inspector and two guardsmen dead. After Graham was finally hunted down and shot, the locals burnt his farm to the ground in what Australian [Jack] Thompson describes as an 'exorcism of a tragedy that affected the whole community'" - ("Bad Blood - and the man who plays a notorious NZ murderer", Auckland Star, February 14, 1981)

"The film doesn't take sides but highlights the distressing tendency of farming communities in New Zealand to close ranks against new-comers [...] The acting is of an exceptionally high standard. Thompson's sensitive portrayal of Graham ensures audience sympathy without detracting from the horror of what happened [...] Gary Hansen's photography exploits the grandeur of the West Coast and also the appalling poverty- stricken dairy farm of the Grahams" - ("Bad Blood powerful", Wanganui Herald, March 2, 1983)


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