Alex - 1992

Isambard Productions/Total Films - 105 min.
DVD UPC/EAN # 9317731023286 (NZ); 8010020045433 (IT); 5021456132942 (AU)

Cast: Lauren Jackson, Chris Haywood, Josh Picker, Catherine Godbold, Elizabeth Hawthorne, Grant Tilly.
Screenplay: Ken Catran (from a book by Tessa Duder); Photography: Donald Duncan; Music: Todd Hunter; Producers: Tom Parkinson, Phil Gerlach; Director: Megan Simpson.

Alex is a promising young swimmer who also would like to be an ordinary teenage girl. When her likely place in New Zealand's 1960 Olympic Games team is seriously challenged by new arrival Maggie, Alex refuses to give up her other interests to devote her life to swimming. On top of her casual approach to training, Alex gets a broken leg in a hockey match and it seems that she will never catch up to the dedicated Maggie, who is given every advantage by her wealthy mother.

Censor Rating: G - Review rating: B-

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There are R4 DVD versions available from New Zealand and Austalian resellers, with the last known prices of $25nz and $20au. Although the original theatrical format was 1.85:1, the DVD is presented 1.33:1 with a 2.0 dolby digital soundtrack in English only. There are no subtitles. Extras include: biographies of major cast and crew and a 20 min. interview with author Tessa Duder. Included within the bios section is a selection labeled "Production", which is an 11 minute text presentation of the production considerations, with theme music and video background. As of January 2011, it would appear that it is OOP and so your best bet would be ebay, but be sure to check the worldwide option.
There is an Italian DVD version, containing the English soundtrack, plus an Italian one, selling for about 8eur.

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