Trespasses video

Trespasses aka: Omen of Evil - 1984

Finlayson-Hill Productions Ltd. - 101 min.

Cast: Patrick McGoohan, Emma Piper, Andy Anderson, Terence Cooper, Frank Whitten, Sean Duffy, Don Selwyn, Sandra Foster, Paula Keenan, Kate Harcourt, Peter Rowley.
Screenplay: Maurice Gee, Tom Finlayson; Photography: Leon Narbey; Original Music: Bernie Allen; Editor: David Coulson; Producers: Tom Finlayson, Dean Hill; Director: Peter Sharp.

A young woman searches for her identity by joining a "free love" hippie commune, against the wishes of her darkly possessive widowed father. The tensions of small town New Zealand and individual conflicts generated by intolerance and fear, unleases forces of violence and betrayal. Shot in Puhoi and at Bethells Beach.

Censor Rating: R13 - Review Rating: C+

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In 'Sequence' (Oct. 1983) Patrick McGoohan had praise for New Zealand film-making after completing his lead role in Trespasses. He said: "Making a film in New Zealand turned out to be one of the happiest and most rewarding experiences of my professional life. The quality of craftsmanship was a pleasure to be associated with. Trespasses is a film in which I have the highest possible expectations. When I first read the script, I was attracted to the idea of conflict between generations. Her (the daughter's) need to break away from a puritanical upbringing - his (the father's) need to keep her love and respect. The challenge of playing the father, the kind of complex character I'd never had the opportunity to show on screen before, was too much to resist."

"A woman might have the lead role but it is a pity that she has to be presented as a victim in a predominantly male world. There is a chilling touch of psychological realism to the film when you link the police search in the film with the police searches for the missing, assumed murdered, women in New Zealand [...] Like a majority of New Zealand films Trespasses has a ruralscape base: rural associations amidst a backdrop of New Zealand scenery, with little or no influence of the everyday machinery of city life" - (Campbell McLean, Salient, March 19, 1984)


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