Uproar - 2023

Firefly, Caravan Carpark Films & Kingston Film Productions - 100 min.

DVD UPC/EAN # 9322225251175(AU/NZ)
Blu-ray UPC/EAN # 9322225252622(AU/NZ)

Principal Cast: Julian Dennison, Minnie Driver, Rhys Darby, Erana James, James Rolleston, Craig Hall, Mark Mitchinson.
Screenplay: Hamish Bennett, Sonia Whiteman based upon a screenplay by Keith Aberdein; Director of Photography: Maria Ines Manchego; Original Music: Karl Solve Steven; Sound Designer: Chris Sinclair; Editing: Carly Turner; Production Designer: John Harding; Set Decoration: Jessica Horan, Dallas Synnott; Costume Design: Sacha Young; Makeup & Hair Designer: Vee Gulliver; Special Effects Supervisor: Dean Clarke; Visual Effects Supervisor: Brenton Cumberpatch; Producers: Angela Cudd, Sandra Kailahi, Emma Slade; Directors: Paul Middleditch, Hamish Bennett.

Dunedin 1981. The Springboks are touring New Zealand, sparking nationwide protests. Josh Weeka, 17, is a square peg in the round, rugby-obsessed hole that is St. Gilbert's College. He discovers a passion for acting as well as a greater awareness of his Maori heritage, a combination that ultimatly sends him careening headlong into conflict with his oppressive environment when he is exposed for going on a protest march. Under pressure from home and school to conform, Josh's frustrations come to a head when he films a drama school audition tape that ends with a haka, speaking powerfully to the person Josh truly is. Josh's mother sees the video and they reconcile, and in the final school rugby match of the season, Josh stages a protest and is joined by his family. Through sharing his true voice, Josh has started his family on the journey towards healing.

Censor Rating: PG-13 - Review rating: B

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It is available PAL R4 from New Zealand and Australian sources, selling for about $20au or $30nz. The feature is presented 2.38:1, enhanced for 16x9. There is a 5.1 surround English soundtrack. DVD extra includes the trailer.

There is an all regions Blu-ray disc available from New Zealand and Australian web stores for about $25au or $35nz. It has DTS HD Master 5.1 English and an LPCM 2.0 English soundtracks. There are extras of: Trailer, a six minute "behind the Scenes" and Interviews with Julian Dennison, Rhys Darby, Erana James, James Rolleston, Minne Driver and Directors Paul Middleditch and Hamish Bennett. Both DVD and Blu-ray had Australia and New Zealand release dates of 20 March 2024.

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