Beyond the Known World

Beyond the Known World

Beyond the Known World - 2017

Beyond the Known World Ltd./ Jungle Book Entertainment Ltd. - 101 min.
DVD UPC/EAN # 4710474444045

Cast: David Wneham, Sia Trokenheim, Emanuella Beart, Chelsie Preston Crayford, Emily McKenzie, Vinnie Bennett
Screenplay: Dianne Taylor; Director of Photography: Ian McCarroll; Art Director: Deirdre McKessar, Namra Parikh; Hair & Makeup Designer: Gabrielle Jones; Original Music: Lukasz Buda, Samuel Scott, Conrad Wedde; Sound Designer: Dick Reade; Editing: Jonathan Woodford-Robinson; Costume Design: Barbara Darragh, Gavin McLean, Rimjhim Sen; Production Design: Brant Fraser; Producers: Matthew Horrocks, Kristian Eek, Gaurav Dhingra; Director: Pan Nalin.

When 19 year old Eva fails to return home to New Zealand from India, her estranged parents,Carl and Julie, must reunite to find her. Their journey takes them from Auckland to the chaos of New Delhi and on the Himalayan villages, were hash-smoking ex-pats are tight-lipped and local police offer little help. Desperate to find Eva, Carl's misreading of the local culture leads to a young woman being imprisoned. Old wounds and betrayals between husband, wife and daughter are exposed and Carl begins to realize that he may be responsible for driving Eva away. Believing Eva has died in the mountains, Carl despairs, but Julie's refusal to stop searching eventually proves that sometimes blind faith is better than having none at all, and that to find their daughter these two people must first rediscover each other.

Censor Rating: M - Review rating: B+

Beyond the Known World
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The DVD is presented 1.80:1 and is enhanced for 16x9. The soundtrack is DD 5.1 and DD 2.0 spoken English, with optional Chinese subtitles. As of 28 October 2017, an R3 NTSC DVD is available from Taiwan resellers for about $300nt, which is about $10us. The International shipping charge will be about the same, for a grand total of about $20us. I do not know of any other DVD sources aside from Taiwan. - Taiwan Price Comparison Site

I purchased a copy from this reseller, Chia chia Record. Currently they are selling it for $279nt ($9us) plus shipping. You can email questions to them at:


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