One Crazy Night video

Secrets - aka: One Crazy Night - 1993

Beyond Films - 90 min.

Cast: Beth Champion, Malcolm Kennard, Dannii Minogue, Willa O'Neill, Noah Taylor.
Crew: Screenplay: Jan Sardi; Photography: David Connell; Editor: Peter Carrodus; Original Music: Dave Dobbyn with Music of 'The Beattles', arranged by Dave Dobbyn; Producer and Director: Michael Pattinson.

During the visit of The Beatles to Melbourne in 1964, a group of five teenagers from wildly different backgrounds, intending to see the concert, instead become trapped in the plant (equipment) room in the basement of the hotel. In this situation they learn about each other's anxieties, hopes and dreams. This blend between 'I Wanna Hold Your Hand' and 'The Breakfast Club' is still worthwhile, and is a find for fans of the Beatles as it contains archival footage of their visit to Melbourne as well as containing four Beatles songs. It was filmed in Wellington - standing in as Melbourne.

Censor Rating: GA - Review Rating: B-

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"The film features some of the most famous music ever written - producer Michael Pattinson secured the rights to use four original versions of Beatles songs - Love Me Do, I saw Her Standing There, Do You Want To Know a Secret, and Twist and Shout. Nostalgia is a strong part of the film's appeal, Pattinson says. 'The teenagers in this film show us how the world was then and how they felt on the eve of perhaps the greatest social revolution of all time. The film is very optimistic, filled with hope, energy and dreams - the sort of dreams that started a revolution and changed the world" - ("Beatles era Secrets film shot at Avalon", The Evening Post, November 3, 1993)


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