The Pirates of Treasure Island

Treasure Island Kids: The Battle of Treasure Island aka: The Pirates of Treasure Island - 2004

Daybreak Pacific/Aria Films - 97 min.

DVD UPC/EAN # 810863010036, 9327031006476, 625828213205

Cast: Beth Allen, Frank Brown, John Callen, Rohan Oberoi, Wicklam Pack, Randy Quaid, Sasha tilley, Nicko Vella.
Screenwriter: Gavin Scott; Director of Photography: Renaud Maire; Original Music: James Hall, Bruce Lynch; Editing: Clare Johnson; Production Designer: Nigel Evans; Costume Designer: Sara Beale; Sound Designer: Chris Burt; Producers: Dale G. Bradley, Grant Bradley, Carlo Dusi, Jozsef Fityus; Director: Gavin Scott

Wacky inventor Conrad Dawson has spent his life trying to find the treasure on Treasure Island. Now broke and desperate to keep the island, he launches 'Camp Treasure Island' for kids from all over the world to enjoy. Even that goes wrong when a nasty villain, who believes he is a descendant from the infamous pirate Captain Flint, arrives to take over the island. With Conrad and his wife taken captive it is up to the kids to save the island and the summer camp.

Censor Rating: PG - Review rating: C

Treasure Island Kids: The Pirates of Treasure Island
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Its production format is 1.77:1 with 2.0 dolby digital English soundtrack, which is what is used on the PAL R4 DVD. There are no subtitles. The NTSC R1 version has the opening and closing credits footage in the original 1.77:1 format, however the balance of the film in presented in 1.33:1. The ntsc R1 disc contains extras of the trailers for this film and the second (Monster) in the series as well as a trailer for 'Animalia'. The PAL R4 discs can be purchased from New Zealand and Australian resellers for about $12. The ntsc R1 version is available from U.S. and Canadian resellers for about $10.

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