Braindead DVD

Braindead aka: Dead Alive - 1992

Wingnut Films/Polygram - 104 min.(89 or 97 min. for Dead Alive)
DVD UPC/EAN # 031398684138; 3259190269194; 5709624008526
Blu-ray UPC/EAN # 031398144366(US); 8436022327122(ES)

Cast: Timothy Balme, Diana Penalver, Elizabeth Moody, Ian Watkin, Brenda Kendal, Stuart Devenie, Jed Brophy.
Writers: Stephen Sinclair, Frances Walsh, Peter Jackson; Original Music: Peter Dasent; Production Design: Kenneth Leonard-Jones; Photography: Murray Milne; Editor: Jamie Selkirk; Director: Peter Jackson.

The third of Peter Jackson's horror-comedies - a parody of zombie, gore and splatter movies which contains copious quantities of all these. In 1957 Wellington, a young Latin woman meets a romantic partner in the dairy in which she works. While they stroll in Wellington Zoo, his prying mother is bitten by a Sumatran rat-monkey from Skull Island and infected with a virus that turns her into a rotting zombie with a craving for meat - any meat. Her first victim is a nurse and it spreads from there until the couple is confronted with a neighbourhood of bloodthirsty zombies which they must eliminate by various means. Has become a cult classic.

Censor Rating: R 16 - Review rating: B-

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Used VHS copies are available in both PAL and NTSC formats.
The DVD is presented 1.66:1, enhanced for 16x9, with 2.0 stereo. There are French and Spanish subtitles and closed captioned English with the R1 version (I would appreciate someone emailing me details on the R2 extras). The theatrical trailer is included.
NOTE: There is a Norwegian R2 PAL 4-disc set, "The Peter Jackson Boxset", which contains Bad Taste, Meet the Feebles, Braindead and Forgotten Silver. All have their original English soundtrack, plus optional Swedish, Danish, Finnish and Norwegian subtitles. As of May 2015, this boxset would seem to be OOP.

Starting October 2011, a 1080P Region A Blu-ray version was released under the aka title of 'Dead Alive'. This is the 97 minute version presented 1.78:1, enhanced for 16x9, with 2.0 DTS-HD Master English soundtrack, English and Spanish subtitles and trailer, originally selling for about $15us. As of January 2014, the blu-ray would seem to be OOP and as of May 2020 remaining copies are selling at ebay and Amazon for at least $100us used. However there is a 1080i All-regions Blu-ray from Spain with spoken 2.0 English and Spanish soundtracks and optional Spanish subtitles selling for about 15eur.
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Alice in Videoland of Christchurch has rental copies for any NZ address

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1992 - Catalonian International Film Festival, Spain - Best Special Effects
1992 - Fantafestival, Rome - Best Special Effects; Best Actor: Timothy Balme
1993 - Avoriaz Fantastic Film Festival - Grand Prize
1993 - Fantasporto - Best Film and Best Special Effects
1993 - New Zealand Film Awards - Best Film; Best Director; Best Special Effects; Best Screenplay; Best Actor: Timothy Balme.

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