Births, Deaths & Marriages

Births, Deaths & Marriages - 2019

Fired Up & Nanekoti Productions - 75 min.
DVD UPC/EAN - 012233536003

Principal Cast: Geraldine Brophy, Ben Childs, Sophie Hambleton, Tess Jamieson-Karaha, Emma Kinane, Liz Kirkman, Jamie McCaskill, Fran Olds, Yvette Velvin.
Writer: Beatrice Joblin; Director of Photography: Cameron Brown; Sound Design: John McKay, Matthew Lambourn; Editor: Sophie Lloyd; Art Direction: Kai Higham; Costume Design: Ellen Gazdowicz; Key Makeup artist: Tiffany Williams: Production Managers: Anna-Marie Green, Kayleighsha Wharton; Producers: Beatrice Joblin, Sophie Lloyd; Director: Beatrice Joblin

Hugh returns from a quick foray to the supermarket for emergency supplies to bolster morale after her cousin Sinead is jilted at the altar, only to find all the relatives facing another upset: grandma has died. At least the wedding food and flowers might be repurposed. Aunty Ngaire is on the case, despite being in the midst of an existential crisis and engaged in an ongoing argument with daughter Tui about the merits of making her mark in the world, outside of the kitchen. No way is a death going to interrupt Shannon's plans to chase a bit of cheap trouser on a Saturday night. Soon-to-be-mum Katherine is floundering in the paddling pool, giving short shrift to hubby Ari's concerns about this combo not being tikanga. Reluctant groom Dean pathetically hovers. Storm vociferously offers unrequested grief therapy tips. And Aidan, originally tasked with filming the wedding, now has his eye, and camera, firmly fixed on recording the resulting family antics for posterity.

Censor Rating: M - Review rating: B-

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Alex Lines Review at Film Inquiry

A cancelled wedding in Upper Hutt in 1994 sets the scene for this chaotic yet surprisingly deft domestic farce made on a credit-card budget. The "home video" aesthetic is at first off-putting, but it ultimately settles down and its gets most of the details right, with characters that have something to say and a consistently engaging ensemble cast that are often brilliantly deadpan in saying it. - Aro Video Review


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