Solo DVD

Solo - 1977

David Hannay/Tony Williams Productions - 96 min.

DVD UPC/EAN # 8432593001744; 9344256011245

Cast: Lisa Peers, Vincent Gil, Perry Armstrong, Martyn Sanderson.
Crew: Screenplay: Tony Williams, Martyn Sanderson; Photography: John Blick; Aerial Photography: Steve Locker-Lampson; Editor: Tony Williams; Music: Dave Fraser, Robbie Laven, Marion Arts; Producers: David Hannay, Tony Williams; Director: Tony Williams.

When a young Australian hitchhiker, Judy (Peers), enters a prohibited forest area, she encounters Paul (Gil) whose job is spotting fires from a plane. She is invited to stay with him and his teen son, Billy (Armstrong). Later they go on a sightseeing flight in a "Tiger Moth" bi-plane, but having a forced landing, are accommodated by an odd elderly couple. The only interesting acting here is Billy and the elderly couple. The aerial scenery is most enjoyable, but the story and direction/editing is second rate. New Zealand's second contemporary feature film as an Australian co-production.

Censor Rating: PG - Review Rating: C-

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No known source for new copies in NTSC. Used NTSC copies will sell for about $9us. New PAL VHS copies sell for $40nz.
25 November 2007 - An R0 PAL DVD is available from Spanish sources, along with a few other New Zealand films that are available from no other country, including New Zealand. This dvd is presented 1.33:1 with Spanish 5.1 and the original English 2.0. It also has Spanish subtitles and includes some Spanish text bios and still photos. It usually sells for about 15eur.

Starting 07 January 2015, a PAL R0 single disc set called 'The David Hannay Collection' that contains 'Solo' and 'Alison's Birthday' is scheduled for release in Australia, selling for about $20au. It is scheduled for a New Zealand release starting 04 February, 2015.
It can be rented from New Zealand sources such as Aro Video of Wellington

Alice in Videoland of Christchurch has rental copies available for New Zealand addresses

The David Hannay Collection - Alison's Birthday & Solo


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The first known NZ feature film to also have its own soundtrack release was the 1977 33rpm LP of Sleeping Dogs. Other titles that are on 33rpm LP and/or audio cassette, but have not yet (as of 2007) found their way to CD are: Solo (1978), Goodbye Pork Pie (1980), Battletruck (1981), Smash Palace (1981), Strata (1984), Bridge to Nowhere (1986), Queen City Rocker (1986) and The Leading Edge (1987).

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"Solo is an engaging movie, a romantic love story with handsome backgrounds and a saving touch of humour to keep it from being too saccharine [...] The movie manfully resists the temptation to drum up drama with forest fires and plane crashes, and concentrates more on the developing relationship between the two principals, and the girl's search for truth and her own identity" - (Bev Tivey, "Loners in search of true love", Daily Telegraph, June 16, 1978)


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1978 - Asian Film Festival (Singapore) - Merlion Award for Most Outstanding Music (Dave Fraser).

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