Crush - 1992

Hibiscus Films - 97 min.
DVD UPC/EAN # 712267930227; 5023965364722

Cast: Marcia Gay Harden, William Zappa, Donogh Rees, Caitlin Bossley, Pete Smith.
Screenplay: Alison Maclean, Anne Kennedy; Photography: Dion Beebe; Music: JPS Experience, Anthony Partos; Costumes: Ngila Dickson; Producer: Bridgit Ikin; Director: Alison Maclean.

Lane(Marcia Gay Harden) is a visiting American journalist who has come to Rotorua to interview Colin, a prize-winning author. On the way she has crashed her car which has left her uninjured but her friend, Christina, is in a coma. When she calls on Colin he is not home, but his 15 year old daughter Angela is. Lane spends the night with her - in the same bed. Subsequently Lane seduces Colin, to Angela's displeasure. Angela visits Christina in hospital, and nurses her back to some semblance of health, but then decides to use her to extract revenge on Lane.

Censor Rating: M - Review Rating: C+

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New NTSC VHS copies will go for about $15us. Expect used copies to sell for about 50% of new. New PAL VHS copies are being offered by Aro Video for $15nz. New R1 NTSC DVD copies sell for about $22.50us. R0 PAL copies can be purchased in the UK for under 15#. DVD copies are also available from Australian sources for about $29au. It is presented as a digital 1.77:1, 16x9 widescreen, with 2.0 dolby digital.
DVD extras include: a 12 min. interview of the director; optional commentary track by Alison Maclean and Marcia Gay Harden; an early short film (20 min.) - THE KITCHEN SINK; and the original theatrical trailer. There are no subtitles.

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"Maybe there is something about getting certain things out of my system. And I must say that after Crush I'm interested in trying to do a film that is a little more affirmative in some way, a little bit more hopeful. In some ways it's harder for me to write those films. When I started working on Crush there was a certain point where it seemed it inevitably had to be a tragedy. That was the kind of story it was and anything less than that would have been selling it short" - (Alison Maclean quoted in, "From the Dark Side", Southern Skies, November 1992,pg.22)

"Part of the film's problems lie in the script, which was developed over a long period (including a time at the Sundance Institute), but fails to give its characters motivation [...] Still, Maclean creates an often eerie mood of sexual tension, and the climax, when it comes, is a knockout..." - (David Stratton, Variety, May 25, 1992)


Dominion, March 8, 1993
Listener, v.137no.2761(Mar.6 1993)
Metro, no.141(Mar.1993)
New Zealand herald, March 5, 1993
North & South Review by Brian McDonnell - March 1993 - For details or copies contact Kakapo Books
Sight and sound, v.3,issue10(Oct.1993) v.4,issue 4(Apr.1994)


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1993 - New Zealand Film Awards - Best Actress: Caitlin Bossley; Best Supporting Actress: Donogh Rees; Best Film Score; Best Soundtrack.

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