Second-Hand Wedding

Second-Hand Wedding - 2008

Garage Sale Productions - 94 min.

DVD UPC/EAN # 9415600112403

Cast: Geraldine Brophy, Holly Shanahan, Patrick Wilson, Ryan O'Kane, Tina Regtien.
Screenplay: Nick Ward, Linda Niccol; Cinematography: Richard Bluck; Original Music: Plan 9; Editing: Mike Horton; Production Designer: Brad Mill; Costume Supervisor: Chris Pickard;
Producers: Nigel Stanford, Paul Murphy; Director: Paul Murphy.

Second Hand Wedding is a small bittersweet dramatic comedy set in the present day, when Trade Me and E-Bay threaten the God-given right of a firsthand crack at a second-hand bargain. But despite the pressure to move with the times, Jill (Geraldine Brophy) manages to keep the dream alive. That is until she is forced to confront the habits of a lifetime and concede that no bargain is worth her daughter's happiness. The main charactors are based upon the parents of the writer and was mostly film along the Kapiti coast, north of Wellington. Recommended.

Censor Rating: PG - Review rating: C+

Second-hand Wedding
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It is available on R4 PAL from New Zealand retailers for under $25nz. It is presented 1.78:1 , enhanced for 16x9, with 2.0 stereo and optional English subtitles. Extras include: optional audio commentary from the writer and director; "Meeting the real Jill and Brian" - 5:43 min.(Note: the film uses the spelling "Jill" whereas the real person is Gillian - "Gill"); "Making Second-Hand Wedding" - 11:56 min.; Five deleted scenes - 5:07 min.

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PRODUCTION NOTE: This is the first New Zealand feature to be shot on a Thompson Viper - a high end digital camera that records direct to hard drives. The completed product was transfered to 35mm stock for theatrical showings.


2008 - Heartland Truly Moving Film Festival (Minnesota) - Crystal Heart Award
2008 - New Zealand Film & TV Awards - Geraldine Brophy, Actress in a Leading Role
2008 - New Zealand Film & TV Awards - Holly Shanahan, Actress in a Supporting Role

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