Heavenly Creatures BD

Heavenly Creatures - 1994

Wingnut Films/Fontana Film Productions - 98-108 min.
DVD UPC/EAN # 717951002976; 9398520268033; 065935136866; 743219337092; 8713045206574; 8717249476771; 5060018651897
Blu-ray UPC/EAN # 065935839521(CA); 5060018658032(UK); 31398146872(US); 4013575715114(DE)

Cast: Melanie Lynsky, Kate Winslet, Sarah Peirse, Diana Kent, Clive Merrison, Simon O'Connor.
Writers: Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh; Production Design: Grant Major; Director of Photography: Alun Bollinger; Editor: Jamie Selkirk; Music: Peter Dasent; Producer: Jim Booth; Director: Peter Jackson.

A presentation of one of New Zealand's most notable murder cases involving two teenage schoolgirls who murdered one of their mothers. The two girls meet at school after one has arrived with her parents from England, and quickly develop a close, and sexual, relationship, which includes a shared fantasy world. When obstacles to their friendship are presented, by the mother, they see eliminating her as the solution. Excellent production values and photography. Additionally, unique special effects by the Peter Jackson crew brought this film to International attention and rave reviews. Highly recommended.

Censor Rating: PG - Review rating: A-

Heavenly Creatures
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New VHS PAL copies are available from the UK for about 6#. New VHS NTSC copies are available from numerous U.S. and Canadian sources from $10 - $15us. Used NTSC copies can be found for under $10us. As of Feb. 2010, Aro Video was selling vhs pal for $10nz.

New R1 NTSC DVD are available for about $8us. R2 copies are about 12Eur. New R4 PAL DVD are available for about $20nz or $15au. Depending upon from which distributor or country the disc originates, the presentation may be either the original 2.35:1 or a 1.85:1 or even a 1.33:1 format. Most soundtracks are 2.0 surround dolby digital, but a couple are 5.1 dolby digital and in one case, a 5.1 DTS. Compare the technical differences at the DVD Compare site linked below.

A Region A Blu-ray offering was released 7 September, 2010, selling for $15-20us single disc and a 2-disc Special Edition for $25-30us. Unfortunately, it is 1080i with 2.0 dolby digital English and French audio options and no subtitles; to add insult to injury, it is presented 1.78:1.

Starting 12 September, 2011, a re-mastered Region B 1080p Blu-ray (10#) and a re-mastered R2 dvd(9#) was issued from the UK. Although it is the shorter (99 minute) version, it is in the original 2.35:1 format with a dolby digital 2.0 English soundtrack and no subtitles. The Blu-ray contains a 30 minute extra: "Looking Back"; a discussion between Kim Newman, Rosie fletcher and Alan Jones, interspersed with film clips.
A similiar Blu-ray was released in the U.S. starting 13 December, 2011. It is a Region A, 2.35:1 with a spoken English 2.0 DTS HD Master with optional English and Spanish subtitles. The only extra is the theatrical trailer. It is the full original length of 109 minutes.
A Blu-ray version will be released in Germany, starting 13 August 2021

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"While there is some morphing and a whole range of special effects in Heavenly Creatures, it's not a special- effects movie. Certainly the other films I've made have been effects films and everybody talks about the effects in them. But I imagine most reviews of Heavenly Creatures won't even mention the effects. They are not that ostentatious or prominent. Most people won't even realise they are effects" - (Peter Jackson in, Cinema Papers, April 1994)


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1994 - Empire Awards - Best British Actress: Kate Winslet
1994 - Toronto International Film Festival - Metro MediaAward
1994 - Venice Film Festival - Silver Lion
1995 - Gerandmer Film Festival - Grand Prize
1995 - New Zealand Film Awards - Best Director; Best Actress: Melenie Lynsky; Best Supporting Actress: Sarah Peirse; Best Foreign Performer: Kate Winslet; Best Screenplay; Best Editing; Best Design; Best Cinematography; Best Soundtrack; Best Film Score.
1996 - London Film Critics Circle - ALES Awards to British Actress of the Year: Kate Winslet and Director of the Year: Peter Jackson.

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