Fresh Meat DVD

Fresh Meat - 2012

The Gibson Group - 88 min.
DVD UPC/EAN # 9312590155215; 025192215391(US); 4042564144901(DE)
Blu-ray UPC/EAN # 4042564144918(DE); 4042564147230(DE)

Principal Cast: Temuera Morrison, Nicola Kawana, Hanna Tevita, Kate Elliott, Jack Shadbolt, Leand Macadaan, Ralph Hilaga, Kahn West, Will Robertson.
Screenplay: Briar Grace Smith from a story by Brad Abraham, Joseph O'Brien; Editor: Paul Sutorius; Director of Photography: Simon Baumfield; Production Manager: Jo Hiles; Original Music: Plan 9; Art Direction: Nick Riera; Production Designer: Kevin Leonard-Jones; Costume Designer: Nic Smillie; Makeup Supervisor: Hil Cook; Visual Effects Supervisor: John Strang; Special Effects Supervisor: Sven Harens; Prosthetics: Roger Murray; Stunts Coordinator: Rodney Cook; Producer: Dave Gibson; Director: Danny Mulheron.

After a botched prison break, the Tan brothers' gang take refuge in the home of Hemi Crane. He and his TV chef wife, along with their teen children, don't seem much of a threat to the Tans. Then again...there have been a few additions to the residence, like a basement abattoir. It seems that Hemi Crane has become a devotee of a Maori cult that is introducing cannibalism to the 21st century. So the question is, will the hapless criminals escape or become one with the evening's casserole? Needs better sound level balance between dialogue and music plus English subtitle option. Done in New Zealand splatter comedy tradition. Not recommended as a Christmas gift for your grandparents.

Censor Rating: R 16 - Review rating: C+

Fresh Meat
Official MP4 Trailer


This title is available on an R4 PAL dvd from New Zealand for about $35nz. Starting 23 January 2014, it is available from Australian resellers for about $20au. It is presented 1.80:1 anamorphic, with a DD 5.1 English language track. There are no subtitles.
Extras include: A "Making of" featurette(9:53), Shaun on The Table(0:58), Danny Mulheron talks(0:36), general trailer(2:05), spoof trailer(1:43), a music video 'Puha and Pakeha'(2:47) and a recommended "Behind the Scenes" section that contains:
Music - Plan 9: David Donaldson, Janet Roddick, Steve Roche(13:22)
Visual Effects - John Strang(4:44)
One-Handed Fight - Roger Murray(1:32)
Guns - Rodney Cook(1:32)
Prosthetics & Effects - Rodney Cook, Roger Murray(2:04)
Stunts(2:57) & The Harness Swing(2:01) - Rodney Cook
The Gang - Kate Elliott, Leand Macadaan, Jack Shadbolt, Ralph Hilaga(4:41)
The Family - Nicola Kawana, Hanna Tevita, Temuera Morrison, Kahn West(5:05).
Starting 14 January 2014, an R1 NTSC DVD became available, selling for about $20us.

There is a German R2 DVD with a spoken German DD 5.1 track as well as the original English DD 5.1. It also has a German subtitle option. It is selling for 12-16 eur. It contains all the same extras listed above for the R4 version.

An all Regions Blu-ray with Steelbook packaging was released on various starting dates from 29 November 2013 to 28 March 2014. It is presented 2.35:1 1080p with a spoken German DTS-HD MA 7.1 track and a spoken English DTS-HD MA 5.1 track, plus it has a German subtitle option. It also has the same extras as the DVD and seems to be selling for 10-15eur.

Aro Video of Wellington - Recommended NZ Reseller has R1 copies at $27us, including shipping.

DealOZ North American price comparison site - [ed: I think someone at is having a little joke - note the category] German Search Portal


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