Millie Lies Low

Millie Lies Low - 2021

Sandy Lane Productions - 100 min.

Principal Cast: Ana Scotney, Chris Alosio, Alice May Connolly, Sam Cotton, Rachel House, Jullian Nguyen, Cohen Holloway.
Writers: Michelle Savill, Eli Kent; Director of Photography: Andrew Stroud; Original Music: Evelyn Ida Morris; Editor: Dan Kircher; Art Director: Aimee Cooki Martin; Production Manager: Tom Kelly; Sound Design: James Hayday; Production Design: Heather Hayward; Costume Designer: Sara Beale, Gabrielle Stevenson; Makeup Design: Catherine Maguire; Production Manager: Jadin Leslie; Producers: Desray Armstrong, Angela Littlejohn; Director: Michelle Savill

Anxiety-ridden Millie is on her way from Wellington to New York for an internship at a prestigious architecture firm when a suggen impulse cuases her to miss her flight. Her peculiar new path of total evasiveness leads to self-discovery. World premiere on 6 November 2021 at Wellington's Embassy Theatre.

Censor Rating: MA15 - Review rating: C+

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Starting 22 August 2022 this drama became VOD available in the UK. More territories and sources will be added as they can be confirmed.
As of 06 September 2022, there is no information about it being available on disc. It's general NZ cinema release started 29 September 2022.


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