Old Scores cover

Old Scores - 1991

South Pacific Pictures & HTV/CYMRU Productions - 92 min.

Cast: Martyn Sanderson, Windsor Davis, Alison Bruce, Beth Morris, John Bach, Tony Barry, Roy Billing, Robert Bruce, Terence Cooper, Dafydd Emyr, Howell Evans, John Francis, Peter Gwynne, Glynn Houston, Stephanie Millar, John Moreno, Andrew Powell, Robert Pugh, Keith Quin, Clayton Spence, Stephen Tozer.
Screenplay: Dean Parker, Greg McGee; Photography: Allen Guilford; Editor: Mike Horton, Jamie Selkirk; Music: Wayne Warlow; Producers: Don Reynolds, Jo Johnson, Manny Wessels; Director: Alan Clayton.

Twenty-five years after the 1966 rugby test between Wales and New Zealand, a touch judge confesses on his deathbed that he cheated for Wales. The two rugby associations decide that the match must be replayed with the same team members as in 1966; achieving that however involves some difficulties. This film will probably have little appeal outside of New Zealand, Wales, Australia and possibly other rugby playing countries, given its very strong appeal to "rugby culture". Ex-All Black, Steve McDowell, supervised training and fitness and helped choreograph the games.

Censor rating: PG - Review rating: C+

Old Scores
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Only known video copies are VHS-PAL and those are very difficult to locate. No known source for new copies. Expect used copies to go for the equiv. of $10us or more.

If you reside in New Zealand, you can rent it from Aro Video, who will ship countrywide.

As of 28 August 2014, PAL R0 DVD-R copies, with a DD 2.0 English language track, can be ordered ($14.99nz + shipping) from the producer's website store: South Pacific Pictures. There are no extras nor chapter menu, although there are 22 segments. The box cover incorrectly states there are English subtitles. These are made-to-order discs presented in its original 1.33:1 format. NOTE: The original film stock was 16mm, therefore do not expect the higher quality of 35mm film or recent digital originals.

Unfortunately, unless you are in New Zealand, the shipping charge is quite high ($48 for most countries) as they are shipping non-NZ orders via air courier, not standard postal. The shipping charge to Australia is $27nz. The New Zealand charge is $5nz.

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"A good- natured romp about Kiwi- Welsh rivalries on and off the field, it will amuse even those who don't follow the sport [...] Where Old Scores scores most, however, is in being an unpretentious local production aimed squarely at a mass audience. Too often Kiwi film has taken the high road when it should be more concerned with getting bums on seats than recognition at every two- bob festival between here and Timbuktu" - (Philip Wakefield, "Old Scores a winner as unpretentious, good- natured Kiwi romp", Evening Post, September 23, 1991)

"Old Scores registers as a pointedly middle- of- the- road film, calculatedly intended for an equally middle- brow and un- demanding audience. Even so, there was no need for it to have been quite so determinedly dull- witted" - (Mark Knowles, "NZ rugby comedy fails to put points on the board", The Dominion Sunday Times, September 22, 1991)


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1991 - Welsh Bafta: Best Drama.
1992 - New Zealand Film Awards -
Best Screenplay - Greg McGee & Dean Parker
Best Performance in a supporting role - John Bach
Best Film Score - Wayne Warlowe.

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