Offensive Behaviour Flyer

Offensive Behaviour - 2006

Environmentally Hazardous Films - 81 min.

DVD UPC/EAN # 9421016370665, 0690357934693

Cast: Richard Allom Cosgrove, Janice Gray, David Sheard, Fraser Jackson, Yvonne Dyson.
Screenplay: Patrick Gillies; Photography: John Chrisstoffels; Art Director: Julian Southgate;
Editor: Patrick Gillis; Music: Wallace Chapman, Hamish Oliver;
Producers: Masen Ma, Angela Laws, Patrick Gillis; Director: Patrick Gillies.

Another very low budget film that has received 'Bad Taste' refered comments. If you love something cheap, inventive, tasteless and funny, it's well worth a look. Filmed in Christchurch on digi-betacam and Super 16mm in early 2000, it took another six years to complete. As the director said: "I set out to satirize the whole cinematic convention of character development." If your taste runs to killer nuns and gay hitmen hairdressers, this comedy's for you.

Censor rating: R16 - Review rating: C+

Offensive Behaviour
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New Zealand pricing is about $15nz on this one. It is available from Australian sources for about $15au. The R4 pal disc is presented 16:9 and 2.0 digital stereo. Extras include: "Clowning and Cock-ups" - 6 minutes, TV commercial - 30 sec. and Trailer - 1:16 min. There are no subtitles. An R0 ntsc version is selling for about $10us. UK sources are selling R0 PAL versions for about 6#.

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